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Emma Newman Presents: “Overdue” (A Split Worlds Story)

In 2013 Angry Robot books will be publishing three Split Worlds novels, the first is out in March and called Between Two Thorns. I’ve been releasing a new story every week for a year and a day, hosted on a different site every time, all set in the Split Worlds. I wanted to give readers a taste of my kind of urban fantasy and have the opportunity to build in secrets and extra bits for those people who, like me, love the tiny details. It’s also been a major part of my world-building work alongside writing the novels.

This is the fifty-first tale in the year and a day of weekly short stories set in The Split Worlds. If you would like me to read it to you instead, you can listen to it at the bottom of this post. You can find links to all the other stories, and the new ones as they are released here.  You can also sign up to get the stories delivered to your inbox, one per week for a year and a day.


by Emma Newman

London, 2001

Olivia tried to ignore the way her brother was watching over her shoulder as she poured the liquid into the funnel.

“Careful,” he whispered.


“There’s too much for that bottle.”

She pressed her lips together. He was nervous and only trying to help.

“Are you sure it’s pure?”

“Oh be quiet, Henry!”

The funnel slipped as the last drops left the bottle and one splashed onto her hand. She wiped it off but still felt a terrible rush of despair. She reminded herself it was not hers.

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