In this series, I ask various publishing professionals (including authors, bloggers, editors, agents etc.) to recommend 2-3 authors or books they feel haven’t received the recognition they deserve.

Today’s recommendations are by Joshua Bilmes. Joshua is the president of JABberwocky Literary Agency, which he founded in 1994. He has been a literary agent for over 27 years, having made his professional debut at the Scott Meredith Literary Agency in 1986. His client list includes a large number of SFF authors including Charlaine Harris, Brandon Sanderson, Elizabeth Moon, and Jim C. Hines. ┬áHe also blogs about the business, movies, tennis and more.

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That is…fantasy authors Patrick Rothfuss, Peter Brett, Jacqueline Carey and Robert Redick talks about writing sex scenes in fantasy stories in this Geek and Sundry video.

What did you think I meant? :)

Video after the jump…

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