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[GUEST POST] Kenneth G. Bennett on The Lord Of The Rings, Dark Side Of The Moon, And The Role Of Humility In Art

Kenneth G. Bennett is the author of the new sci-fi thriller, EXODUS 2022 (Booktrope Publishing, 419pp.) as well as the young adult novels, THE GAIA WARS and BATTLE FOR CASCADIA. Kirkus Reviews recently said of EXODUS 2022: “Bennett, after a neat Dean Koontz-style curtain-raiser, keeps raising the stakes. Deft storytelling and a riptide of action.” A wilderness enthusiast who loves backpacking, skiing and kayaking, Ken enjoys science fiction, fantasy, action adventure stories, and novels that explore the relationship between humans and the wild. He lives on an island in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and son and two hyperactive Australian Shepherds. Follow him on Twitter as @kennethgbennett.

The Lord Of The Rings, Dark Side Of The Moon, And The Role Of Humility In Art

by Kenneth G. Bennett

I first read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings on my family’s fishing boat in Alaska, at age 14 (surrounded by mountains that reminded me of the Misty Mountains) and have read the books many times since. I admired Tolkien’s writing then and I admire it now, as an adult.

Over the years I’ve come to believe that the esteemed professor possessed another storytelling talent as vital as his facility with language. A gift that informed all of his work. A subtle skill few writers master and one that makes LOTR the epic fantasy ‘to rule them all.’
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Pink Floyd/2001 Mash-up

As if the film wasn’t spaced out enough…