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[GUEST POST] Shira Lipkin and Mat Joiner on Liminality: There Is No Box!

Shira Lipkin is a writer, poet, and editor in Boston; in her spare time, she volunteers with the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. She attends a lot of burlesque shows, but that’s not where the glitter comes from. Her cat is bigger than her dog. Mat Joiner lives in Birmingham, England. He loves flippancy, Pierrots, ghosts and green men. He thinks “canalpunk” should be a thing but hasn’t written the manifesto yet. Their poetry has appeared in Strange Horizons, Stone Telling, Through the Gate, and other wonderful places. Together, they fight crime! Shira and Mat are also co-editors of Liminality, a new magazine of speculative poetry.

Liminality: There Is No Box

by Shira Lipkin

The thing about poetry is that poetry is a revolutionary act.

This is not what we’re taught in schools! In the US, at least, we have our Norton guides of poetry that have the same set of poems kids have been made to study for decades, for centuries. Which quite reminds us of “Introduction to Poetry” by Billy Collins:
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Friday YouTube: A Poem for FTL

Via Geek Art Gallery
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ChiZine Publications to Celebrate (Sh*tty) Poetry Month

There once was a girl in the city
Whose appearance was rather quite pretty
She talked a good game
And remembered your name
But her poetry was rather awful

Press release follows…
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SF Tidbits for 10/7/09

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