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Rachel Bach on The Functional Nerds Podcast

Rachel Bach, author of Heaven’s Queen, joins John Anealio and Patrick Hester this week on The Functional Nerds Podcast.

Listen below, or at The Functional Nerds, or subscribe to The Functional Nerds Podcast through iTunes.

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BOOK REVIEW: Heaven’s Queen by Rachel Bach

REVIEW SUMMARY: The explosive, glorious finale of Bach’s incredible trilogy where all questions are answered and all fates are decided.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Devi Morris is beaten and broken, but she’s not down for the count yet. She has one last job that will decide the fate of the universe if only she can stay alive long enough to fulfill all the promises she’s made.

PROS: Intense final volume; heavy on action and moral quandaries; moments of genuine terror and heartbreak; a sharply written conclusion to an already great series.
CONS: A few loose ends that don’t get sufficient answers.
BOTTOM LINE: Masterful storytelling will make this series a classic of the genre. This trilogy deserves a standing ovation!
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BOOK REVIEW: Honor’s Knight by Rachel Bach

REVIEW SUMMARY: The second volume in Bach’s sci-fi series raises the stakes to insanely high levels.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Devi Morris has some massive new problems: her memory has been tampered with, she’s starting to hallucinate little glowing bugs and a lot of people want her dead. She has to sort through the mess in her head and figure out who the bad guys are before it’s too late. The fate of the universe rests on her mech shoulders.

PROS: A satisfying middle book in the trilogy; adds more details about the universe and the shady agencies that run things behind the scene; moments of intense action with awesome fight scenes and more of Devi’s brand of sarcasm.
CONS: Suffers a little from second-book syndrome; tons of enemies thrown in at once and who is good or bad changes frequently; Devi makes some choices that left me scratching my head.
BOTTOM LINE: Another great book in the Paradox trilogy that leaves you desperate to learn all the answers.

Devi Morris has problems. She’s missing huge chunks of her memory, she’s beginning to see things and everyone seems to want her dead. Just another day in the life of the universe’s best mercenary.
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BOOK REVIEW: Fortune’s Pawn by Rachel Bach

REVIEW SUMMARY: Thrilling new science fiction series which lays waste to tired old sci-fi tropes and stereotypes.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Devi Morris is a mercenary with the ultimate goal of becoming an elite guard in her planet’s military. When she learns of a position on a ship that could fast track that dream she signs up despite all the rumors about the ship being cursed. Things swiftly go downhill from there.

PROS: Fast-paced, intense action; excellently written characters; outstanding, believable romance; completely original take on worn, old military science fiction tropes.
CONS: A touch slow going at the beginning but a packed thrill ride once things start rolling.
BOTTOM LINE: A spectacular action-packed story that even people who don’t like sci-fi will adore.

Devi Morris has a plan. She wants to become a Devastator, the highest military order on Paradox. She’s done her time as an elite mercenary and an army grunt and now she has her sights set on the impossible. Unfortunately, the Devastator’s won’t look at anyone who doesn’t have a certain amount of experience. Devi can’t stand the idea of doing merch work for another five years so she signs up to be security on a ship called the Glorious Fool. One year on the Fool is worth five years experience to the Devastators. Despite rumors that the ship is cursed and has a very high mortality rate for the crew, Devi is overjoyed at the opportunity to reach her goal faster. Things start out quiet on the Fool but everything quickly goes to hell when she starts to learn the real secrets of the ship and its odd crew.
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EVENT: A Night at the Space Opera: Science Fiction Writers on Our Future in Space

Wanna hang out with Orbit authors Daniel Abraham, Ann Leckie and Rachel Bach? Orbit is hosting a Google Hangout called A Night at the Space Opera: Science Fiction Writers on Our Future in Space on Thursday November 7 allowing you to do just that.

Here are the deets (because I am apparently in too much of a rush to type out the word “details”, but not overly long parenthetical sentences that include the word I was trying to avoid anyway…)
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Cover & Synopsis: Rachel Bach’s PARADOX Series

Check out the covers for Rachel Bach’s upcoming Paradox series from Orbit Books, comprised of Fortune’s Pawn, Honor’s Knight, and Heaven’s Queen. (Bigger images an synopses after the jump…)

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