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Did You Hear FALLING SKY Author Rajan Khanna on The Functional Nerds Podcast?

Rajan Khanna, author of Falling Sky, joins John Anealio and Patrick Hester this week on The Functional Nerds Podcast.

Listen below, or at The Functional Nerds, or subscribe to The Functional Nerds Podcast through iTunes.

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Cooking the Books with Fran Wilde and Rajan Khanna

Author Rajan Khanna joined Fran Wilde on Cooking the Books podcast to celebrate his debut from Pyr, Falling Sky.

You can read the first chapter of Falling Sky at Tor.com. Rajan will be reading at the World Fantasy Convention on Thursday, November 6 from 2:30-3pm, and at the December KGB Fantastic Fiction Reading in Manhattan, with Author Steven Gould.

The ingredients for Cooking the Books podcast #005 – “It’s Hard to Fish from an Airship: Cooking the Books with Rajan Khanna” include:
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Book Cover Smackdown (Forthcoming Steampunk Edition)! SKY PIRATES vs. FALLING SKY vs. THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF STEAMPUNK ADVENTURES

It’s time another Book Cover Smackdown! This time around, covers of forthcoming steampunk titles go head-to-head. Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Pass artistic judgment!

Tell us:

  • Which of these covers do you like the most?
  • What works and what doesn’t work with these covers?
  • Do any of them make you want to learn more about and/or read the book?

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