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The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 167): 2012 Year in Review – What We Did and Didn’t Like

In episode 167 of the SF Signal Podcast, Patrick Hester and his rag-tag band of panelists, discuss:


  • Which 2012 Debut work (movie/short story/book) most impressed you?
  • Which 2012 book that you were really looking forward to, delivered on your expectations and why?
  • Which 2012 book that you were really looking forward to failed miserably and why?
  • Which 2012 movies disappointed and why?
  • Which 2012 movies most impressed you and why?

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Book Review: Range of Ghosts by Elizabeth Bear

SYNOPSIS: On the steppes of a secondary world similar to ours, a former princess-turned-wizard and the grandson of the Khan team up to deal with a threat to all the Kingdoms of the Celadon Highway.


PROS: Engaging, three dimensional characters; deep and immersive worldbuilding; Top-notch writing.
CONS: The lack of a proper ending is the only major flaw that I can cite.
VERDICT: The Trope Codifier for Silk Road Fantasy and proof that Elizabeth Bear is one of the best writers in genre today.

In my recent review of The Emperor’s Knife, I talked about fantasy that is inspired not by traditional medieval European motifs, but rather “Silk Road Fantasy“. To the list of books on that book review, I have found the book that is the trope codifier for Silk Road Fantasy, the book that shows you really how its done. The author is Elizabeth Bear, and the book is her newest, and her first dip into Epic Fantasy: Range of Ghosts.
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