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REVIEW: Repo Men by Eric Garcia

REVIEW SUMMARY: One of this reviewer’s first forays into gritty SF. It was a good enough experience that it won’t be her last.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: A former repossession specialist hides out from his old co-workers who’d like to repossess his artificial heart.

PROS: Fascinating protagonist with very interesting life, great narrative style
CONS: Some crass scenes, light world-building
BOTTOM LINE: A decent amount of action and a fascinating crew of characters make Repo Man a worthwhile read.

The unnamed protagonist of Repo Men (originally published as Repossession Mambo) is typing his memoirs on an old Underwood typewriter in an abandoned hotel. ¬†Once a level five repo man, charged with repossessing the artificial organs of those who stopped making payments for the Credit Union (and others), he’s now on the run, having his own artificial organ and unable to pay the extremely high interest rates.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Repo Men (2010)

REVIEW SUMMARY: Good ideas and a couple of interesting set pieces do not save moronic, by-the-number science fiction action movie.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: A man who repossesses artificial organs must flee from the organization that employs him when he cannot pay for his own artificial heart.


PROS: Strong ideas, with one or two interesting action sequences and the occasional bit of cleverness.

CONS: Unconvincing worldbuilding, implausible characters and a surprising lack of guts. (No pun intended.)

Upon seeing Repo Men, I drove to a nearby Barnes and Noble and purchased a copy of The Repossession Mambo, the novel by Eric Garcia on which this futuristic thriller from director Miguel Sapochnik is based. My decision to buy the novel had nothing to do with the movie’s quality. Or, rather, it did, and that’s part of the problem. The movie presented ideas that were likely handled in the novel with exactly the finesse, skill and gallows wit that its adaptation lacked.

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Repo Men (Red Band Trailer)

Eric Garcia’s kick-@$$ thriller The Repossession Mambo was one of my best reads of 2009. The film adaptation, starring Jude Law, who plays a repo man for an artificial organ union, is called Repo Men. Here’s the red-band trailer, the only one as yet available.

[via SF Crowsnest]

REVIEW: The Repossession Mambo by Eric Garcia

REVIEW SUMMARY: A fun, fast read based upon interesting ideas.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: The story of a near-future Repo Man who takes back artificial organs from those who can no longer pay for them.


PROS: An interesting premise and setting; expert storytelling; cool tech; seems like the writer is having as much fun as the reader.

CONS: I cannot think of any way this story could have been made better.

BOTTOM LINE: This one was a lot of fun. Highly recommended.

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