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Table of Contents: OCTOBER DREAMS 2 Edited by Richard Chizmar & Robert Morrish

Cemetary Dance has posted the table of contents for his/her/the upcoming anthology/collection October Dreams 2 edited by Richard Chizmar & Robert Morrish.

Here’s the book description:

The long-awaited follow up to one of the most acclaimed Halloween anthologies ever! This oversized volume will contain spooky Halloween short stories, dozens of authors and artists recalling their own personal memories of Halloween, and essays detailing the history of Halloween. Many of the contributing authors will also autograph the signed editions, which we don’t expect will last long considering the popularity of the original October Dreams and the low print runs we have planned for these special editions.

And here’s the table of contents…
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Table of Contents: SMOKE AND MIRRORS Edited by Richard Chizmar

PS Publishing has posted the table of contents for their new Cemetary Dance anthology Smoke and Mirrors:

Here’s the book description:

Tales of horror and the fantastic have been told in many ways over the centuries — around the campfire, on the stage, in books and movies, and even on television — but no form is quite so visceral and direct as the script.

Whether it’s a stage play, a feature film screenplay, or the script for a classic horror comic, these acclaimed authors aren’t just putting black text on a white page. The writing may seem clean and simple at first, but the authors are actually creating worlds; they’re luring you into their creations and before you know it, there’s no way out. You’re part of the story and you have to keep turning the pages until you reach “The End” or “Fade Out.”

The big question is: will you survive to see the final curtain call?

Come now, take your seat, and let the show begin. You have nothing to fear but your own imagination.

Here’s the table of contents…
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