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VIDEO PRIMER: Everything You Wanted to Know About Conan The Barbarian and Robert E. Howard

Ehsan Knopf’s Finding Conan, a short documentary on Conan The Barbarian and his creator, Robert E. Howard, is a great primer on one of sword and sorcery’s greatest heroes.

Watch the complete 14-minute web documentary right here.

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The Untimely Death of Robert E. Howard

Back in April, I had been doing some reading on the Lovecraft Circle, and came across an interesting fact about one of the authors, Robert Howard. At the age of 30, he killed himself upon learning that his mother was in a coma and would never wake up again. It was interesting, because before that time, he had created a couple of well known characters, namely, Conan the Conqueror one of the pulp era’s defining heroes. A couple of weeks ago, I came across one of his more Lovecraftian stories, The Black Stone, and was reminded of his short life and influence. Beyond just Conan, he helped to influence an entire subgenre of fantasy, Sword and Sorcery.

Go read The Untimely Death of Robert E. Howard over on Kirkus Reviews.

TOC: ‘Adventures in Science Fantasy’ by Robert E. Howard, Edited by Rob Roehm

The Robert E. Howard Foundation Press has posted the table of contents for their upcoming collection Adventures in Science Fantasy which collects REH’s “sort of science fiction” stories. The 298-page book comes with an introduction by Michael Stackpole and cover art by Mark Schultz

Adventures in Science Fantasy

  • “The Last Laugh”
  • “The Gondarian Man”
  • “The Supreme Moment”
  • “The People of the Black Coast”
  • “King of the Forgotten People”
  • Almuric
  • “The Challenge from Beyond”


  • “A Twentieth Century Rip Van Winkle”
  • “The Iron Terror”
  • “The Last Man”
  • “The Last White Man”
  • “A Room in London”
  • “The Man Who Went Back”
  • Untitled Synopsis (“Hunwulf”)

Trailer: Solomon Kane

Solomon Kane premiered this week at the Toronto International Film Festival. It’s supposed to be out in 2010.

So what do you think? Good trailer, Bad trailer, or “meh”?

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