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MIND MELD: Publishing Lessons From 2014 Debut Authors (Part 1)

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There were so many wonderful debut authors in 2013, and the last post was so much fun, I thought it might be high time we give 2014 debut authors their turn:

Q: What are the most fun/unusual/interesting/etc. things you’ve learned since becoming a published author?

Here’s what they had to say…

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INTERVIEW: Robin Riopelle, Author of DEADROADS

Born in Ottawa and raised on Canada’s west coast, Robin Riopelle’s life has been marked by adoption, separation, and reunion. Like many of her characters, she has a muddy past and a foot in (at least) two different worlds. She’s always had interesting work in museums and social service agencies. Some things she has done while collecting a paycheque:

  • told people the whereabouts of a long-lost family member,
  • go-go danced in front of 700 people,
  • traipsed across a wind-whipped hospital rooftop with a nun,
  • and lost a frozen beaver head under a parked car.

Robin Riopelle is the author’s birthname. She currently lives on the border between French and English Canada with her criminologist husband, two seemingly delightful children, and an obstreperous spaniel. She is a great supporter of the Oxford comma.

In addition to writing fiction for adults, Riopelle also illustrates children’s books (as Elizabeth Todd Doyle).

Robin Riopelle’s debut novel, Deadroads was released by Night Shade Books this year. You can read an excerpt from excerpt from Deadroads on the author’s website.

Follow Robin Riopelle on Facebook or on Twitter at @Robin_Riopelle.

SF Signal: Thank-you very much for the interview. We’re very grateful to have this chance to speak with you.

Robin Riopelle: You really deserve a medal for waiting so long for my response—and I ought to be walloped upside the head for dicking about. Vacations have a way for whisking one off to irresponsibility-land. Plus, you told me to “take my time” which is, obviously, the WRONG THING TO SAY TO ME.

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Mind Meld Make-Up with Robin Riopelle: Books That Have Had a Profound Effect on Readers and Writers

[Here’s an addendum to the Mind Meld about Books That Have Had a Profound Effect on Readers and Writers, coming from Robin Riopelle.]

Books have the power to make us laugh, cry, and everything in between, and there are those books (you know what I’m talking about) that can actually change the way we think and influence us in very powerful ways, even changing the course of our lives. I asked our panel this question:

Q: As authors, and readers, what book or books have affected you in a profound way, and why?

Here’s what Robin had to say…

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