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Friday YouTube: Batman Teaches Robin The Heimlich Maneuver

It’s a slow day in the Hall of Justice. What better time for Batman to teach his young ward how to save someone’s life?

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[DVD REVIEW] Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1

REVIEW SUMMARY: A gritty, faithful adaptation of Frank Miller’s seminal graphic novel, The Dark Knight Returns.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: An aging and retired Bruce Wayne sees his city spiraling down into crime and fear at the hands of Harvey Dent and a new threat, the Mutant Gang, forcing Bruce to reclaim the mantle of the Batman to bring order and justice back to Gotham.

PROS: Excellent animation, acting and storytelling; gritty and dark, channeling the original material well.
CONS: As dark as it is, the PG13 rating means most of the ‘in your face’ violence and themes of the original work have been watered down.
BOTTOM LINE: A fine addition to the growing library of Warner Brother’s Premiere / DC Animation titles.  Well worth your time and money.

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VIDEO: The Grim Batman from “Dark Knight Rises”…with the Not-So-Grim 1960’s-Era Robin

What happens when you take Nolan’s Batman and Bane and add in a little Burt Ward Robin?

In a word…awwwkward!


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Friday YouTube: Holy Robin Compilation!

…And this is just from the old animated show!

Nonetheless…it’s kinda hypnotic…
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Friday Youtube: Holy Killer Bee, Batman!

I’m not sure how Robin is foiled by a bee, but I do know that this is probably the closest he’s ever come to making out. With a girl.

God, I miss this show.

[via Poe TV]