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Watching the Future: Remakes, Redux, Redoux, Reflux

A few days ago, like most Internet denizens, I brought up YouTube to watch the brand-new trailer for Gareth Edwards’s film version of Godzilla, coming this summer.  And, like most who reloaded it multiple times, goggling at the waves flooding a small coastal town and Bryan Cranston’s desperate shouting to others about the impending danger of the Big Green One, the trailer caused me to embrace my inner ten-year-old, who spent far too many Saturday mornings and afternoons glued to the television resting in the corner of his apartment as it took him to Monster Island, where Mothra, Mecha-Godzilla, Rodan, and other oversized monsters did battle among scientists who knew almost nothing of real science, screaming mobs, and military men growing more and more desperate to save Japan from more destruction.  Add to this elements of Ligeti’s “Requiem” and I was able to feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.  I even forgave the loud BWAARRP of horns that seems a permanent fixture of the modern American movie trailer.  I was excited.

And then held myself in check.  Yes, it looked good. Yes, Edwards, with his landmark Monsters, seemed knowledgeable enough about genre and genre tropes to make an interesting movie.  It looked impressive, and even somewhat scary, much in the manner of Ishirô Honda’s 1954 classic…

And therein lay my problem.

This was a remake.
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FILM: Robocop (The Crowd Sourced Version)

Before you settle in for the Hollywood re-imagining, check out Our RoboCop Remake, a crowd-sourced film project based on the Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 SciFi classic. It’s made by a group of filmmakers and RoboCop fans who sectioned the film and refilmed each section.

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Honest Trailers: Robocop

I’m not sure we need a remake of Robocop and the honest trailer only makes me pine for the original…

Warning: NSFW and Gory!
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TRAILERS: RoboCop (2014)

I like the look of the new RoboCop trailer. Seems to be a bit more highbrow (relatively speaking) than the violent 1987 Paul Verhoeven version.

And goodness! Look at all the comic book film cachet they have! Burton’s Batman! Nolan’s Commissioner Gordon! Nick Fury! Also in the credits (but not the trailer) Watchmen‘s Rorschach!
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OmniCorp Will Protect Us, Says This Viral Video for ‘RoboCop’

In the days of crime-infested city streets, it’s good to know that OmniCorp has our backs. At least, that’s what we are to believe in this viral video meant to generate buzz about the upcoming remake of Robocop
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Robocop Rap

This is the first rap song I could actually tolerate for more than one minute. Thanks, Robocop!