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The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 163): Star Wars, Disney and Marvel, Oh My!

In episode 163 of the SF Signal Podcast, Patrick Hester and his rag-tag band of panelists, discuss:

Star Wars, Disney, Marvel, Timothy Zahn, The Thrawn Trilogy, Star Wars: Episode 7, the Star Wars Extended Universe, Star Trek, Pathfinder Tales, Tie-In novels, George Lucas, Stargate, The X-Men, the 501st Legion, Lucasfilm, Disneyland, Family Guy, Robot Chicken, Pixar, Disney Princesses, Disneyland’s overhaul / rebranding of the iconic Submarine Ride as the new “Gungan Undersea Extravaganza’, Marvel Comics, Joe Quesada, Terry Brooks, The Sword of Shannara, Triumph over Tragedy, Attack of the Show, Newsroom, Pirates 101, Baldurs Gate, The Jar-Jar Binks Live Action Generic Non-Traditional Holiday Special with guests Tinkerbell, Wolverine and The Incredibles, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Ship Breaker, The City’s Son, and Reboots…

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Jor-El Instructs Baby Superman On His Way to Earth

Why don’t I watch more Robot Chicken?

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Tube Bits for 07/13/2009

  • Who doesn’t love them some Robot Chicken, especially when they take on Star Wars? The first spoof was a big hit, and the second one is pretty good too. Now you’ll be able to own a copy for yourself this month as Robot Chicken: Star Wars – Episode II is unleashed on DVD. Get you some!
  • TV Guide interviews Eddie McClintock (Pete) of Warehouse 13. He talks about the relics we’ll be seeing in upcoming episodes. Freddy Mercury’s mustache and tights?!
  • Warehouse 13 certainly piqued the interest of viewers as it’s Tuesday premiere was the third highest rated premiere in SyFy (Sci FI) history, behind Stargate Atlantis and Eureka. It’ll probably lose some of the premiere audience but I’m guessing it will find a decent sized audience, at least for this season. We’ll see how the writing goes.
  • Examiner.com interviews composer Bear McCreary about his work for Battlestar Galactica and now the game Dark Void. This man has done so much work in SF it’s ridiculous, and he’s only 30! Amazing.
  • Defying Gravity is ABC’s summer SF series with a limited, 13 hour run. It will focus on the lives of 8 astronauts in space and I really, really don’t like the look of this trailer:
  • In honor of Robot Chicken‘s imminent DVD release, enjoy some Dr. Ball!