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TRAILER: Automata

I, for one, welcome our robot overlords. Well, I would if they the were the ones shown in the new trailer for Automata, an upcoming film starring Antonio Banderas, Birgitte [...]

August 23, 2014 // 2 Comments

SHORT FILM: Changing Batteries

Here’s a story of an old woman and a robot…. Related posts: SHORT FILM: Robots of Brixton SHORT FILM: “Robot” by Jim Henson (1963) In the Short Film [...]

May 26, 2014 // 0 Comments

SHORT FILM: R.U.R.: Genesis

Czech writer Karel Čapek’s 1919 Play R.U.R. — which is about a hostile worker robot rebellion in the future year 1969 that leads to the extinction of the human [...]

April 6, 2014 // 2 Comments

Short Film: Amp

Here’s Adam Marisett’s short film Amp. Grat effects (Marisett was an animator of District 9), though the script could use some work… Here’s what [...]

August 12, 2013 // 1 Comment

“Pacific Rim” CES Trailer

Because you can never have enough of monsters vs. robots… Related posts: TRAILER: “Pacific Rim” (or OMG! Monsters vs. Robots!) The New Trailer for [...]

January 9, 2013 // 3 Comments

TRAILER: “Robot & Frank”

Director Jake Schreier’s Robot & Frank was unveiled at the Sundance Film Festival and picked up by Sony. I have to admit, this (probably spoilery) trailer won me [...]

June 27, 2012 // 0 Comments

SHORT FILM: Robots of Brixton

From Mark Charan Newton comes word of this well done, Hugo-worthy animation called Robots of Brixton: Brixton has degenerated into a disregarded area inhabited by [...]

March 8, 2012 // 0 Comments

Saturday Morning ‘Toon: “No Robots”

When robots become so ubiquitous that we enact laws against them, will sthey still be able to teach us what it means to be human? That’s the question raised by the [...]

January 28, 2012 // 3 Comments

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