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BOOK REVIEW: Runner by Patrick Lee

REVIEW SUMMARY: This is how page-turning books are written.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: The chase is on from the very first pages when an ex-military operative stumbles across a young girl and the plot orchestrated by some very powerful people to capture her.

PROS: Fast-paced action; builds genuine moments of suspense; it’s an engrossing page-turner.
CONS: Some the thriller aspects were a little harder to swallow than the science fictional aspects.
BOTTOM LINE: A worthwhile thrill ride with promise for even better things to come.

One of the things I love about speculative fiction is its versatility. Science fiction stories aren’t always about spaceships and fantasy stories aren’t always about dragons. Oftentimes, stories are written from a different angle entirely even though they include speculative elements layered on top of them. Or at least, that’s how they are marketed.
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