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[GUEST POST] Kevin J. Anderson on Writing an Epic at Warp Speed

Kevin J. Anderson is the bestselling author of the epic nautical fantasy series Terra Incognita, several books in the Dune series (with Brian Herbert), as well as novels and comics for Star Wars, X-Files, JSA, Titan A.E., StarCraft, Star Trek, Batman/Superman, and many others. He is also the author of the 7-volume Saga of Seven Suns series and its spin-off series which launched this month with The Dark Between the Stars.

Headlong Writing – Producing an Epic at Warp Speed

by Kevin J. Anderson

The Dark Between the Stars is finally out. And what an exhilarating, exhausting effort that was!

Due to a series of unfortunate commitments, travel schedules, and other book obligations, I found myself facing a tough deadline for the first book in a new trilogy set in my popular Saga of Seven Suns universe — The Dark Between the Stars. I had been planning the novel for a year, but there was always some emergency, some crunch proofing deadline, some quick project that took precedence. So I didn’t get around to starting when I thought I would.

Besides, when facing a manuscript that would be close to a thousand pages long, it was easy to procrastinate.
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