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Indie Author Spotlight: An Interview with Rob J. Hayes, Author of THE HERESY WITHIN

I have to be honest: of all the genres I cover, fantasy tends to be my favorite. I typically enjoy reading tales that can be fairly ruthless, with characters that are hard to love, but in the end, a sense of hope does prevail. Why do I enjoy a grim, darker take on fantasy? Mainly because these types of stories tend to seem more relatable. The likes of Joe Abercrombie, George R. R. Martin, Brent Weeks, and David Dalglish come to mind when I think of novels that fall in to this category. And now, I’ll throw self-published author, Rob J. Hayes into the mix.

This month’s Indie Author Spotlight guest came out of nowhere. I wasn’t even looking for a fantasy book, but The Heresy Within, the first book in The Ties That Bind trilogy just seemed too intriguing to pass up. Check out the synopsis:
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Indie Author Spotlight: An Interview with CYBERSTORM Author Matthew Mather

Hello! My name is Max Pfeffer and I’d like to welcome you to the first edition of Indie Author Spotlight! As a writer and avid reader, I check out a lot of self-published authors via my Kindle Fire due to the typically low prices and the prospect of finding as-yet unknown hidden gems. Through my consistent perusing of the Kindle store, I’ve managed to find a slew of talented writers whom I believe deserve to be in the spotlight. In this new monthly column, I’ll be introducing you to a variety of indie authors in the realm of science fiction, fantasy and horror. My hope is that you’ll discover along with me and enjoy these works just as much as I have.

So, without further ramblings, let’s move on to the spotlight!
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