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[GUEST INTERVIEW] Lawrence Person Interviews Jose Prendes, the Writer Behind SHARCANO and MEGA SHARK vs. MECHA SHARK

Jose Prendes, international man of mystery, was found swaddled in a basket among the reeds at the mouth of the Amazon. Raised by local shamans, Jose learned the magic of language and decided to dedicate his skills to the betterment of all mankind. He trekked to America at the age of 12, on foot no less, and made his home in Florida for a few years. After discovering a cure for the common cold, and losing it among his comic book collection, Prendes decided to abandon Florida for sunny Los Angeles. Upon arriving in the city of angels, he was made the leader of a small group of cinephiles who believed he was the second coming of Shakespeare. Wielding immense power, and a ridiculously awesome DVD collection, Prendes continues his struggle to save the world from the coming peanut butter and jelly apocalypse.

Jose is the writer behind the upcoming film Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark and the novel Sharcano.

Author Lawrence Person had a chat with Jose…

Lawrence Person: For those SF Signal readers who may not have previously encountered the rich Mega Shark oeuvre, can you briefly summarize previous installments in the saga?

Jose Prendes: It will have to be briefly, because there’s not much too it, and I didn’t write the first two films. Basically a Megalodon defrosted in modern times in the first one and fought giant octopus. The Meg survived and fought a giant crocodile in the second film and they blew up together. At the start of my film, a new Megalodon has risen, but the government is ready for it, having been preparing since the first Meg attacks.
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