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[INTERVIEW] Author and Editor Scott Harrison on Steampunking the Classics

Scott Harrison is a UK-based scriptwriter, novelist & playwright. He’s written novels and audio plays for Big Finish, short stories, comic book scripts and stage plays that have been produced in both the US and UK. His newest anthology, which he edited and contributed to, is Resurrection Engines. It just came out in the UK under the Snowbooks imprint and includes his short story, “The God of All Machines”. Scott was kind enough to talk to me about his writing, editing, and steampunk!

Kristin Centorcelli: Your short story, “The God Of All Machines”, was published in your anthology, Resurrection Engines, which just came out from Snowbooks in December. What is it about?

Scott Harrison: My story is a retelling of Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, only in this world Jekyll is working for the British Government in a top secret weapons development bunker deep beneath London and Hyde…well, in this story it’s not a man, but a secret military project that Jekyll is working on – a prototype, quasi-sentient, fully-armored war-suit code-named ‘HYDE’ (an acronym of Herculanium Ypsiloid-framed Drilling Exoskeleton), a piece of hardware that was originally developed for Ore Miners on the moon.

Although it can be read as a piece of standalone fiction, it also rather neatly serves as a prologue (of sorts) to a range of novels that I and a number of other writers are working on called Tales Of The Iron War. They’ll expand on this epic, intergalactic war fought between the entire human race and the K’uyth.

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