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Live Video Writers Workshop with Mike Resnick and Paul Di Filippo

Starship Sofa’s newest event is a Live Video Writers Workshop with Mike Resnick and Paul Di Filippo happening on Sunday, 16 June 2013 from 17:00 to 19:00 (BST).
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Watch a Live Video Session with SF legends Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle & Gregory Benford

Starship Sofa is hosting an Event that promises to be nothing short of fascinating. It’s a live video session with science fiction legends Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle & Gregory Benford!

Moderated by the Sofa’s own Tony C. Smith, the event takes place Sunday, the 21st of April from 18:00 to 19:30 (BST).

Join science fictions legends Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle and Gregory Benford as they talk about science fiction, technology, Ringworlds, Big Dumb Objects and a whole universe of wonders.

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EVENT: How to Write Science Fiction, with Spider Robinson

Live Online on the 26th of January 2013, Starship Sofa is hosting the event How to Write Science Fiction featuring Spider Robinson.

Here’s the event description:

Don’t be mistaken: this isn’t your parents’ “how to” lecture! Instead, this is a front row seat, as one of the most celebrated minds in the science fiction literary community talks about his journey in the genre. Be there as Spider shares the kind of personal advice and anecdotes you can’t find in a writers’ guide. Learn how the publishing industry has (and hasn’t) changed, and what first led Spider Robinson to a lifelong relationship with science fiction. You won’t want to miss a minute of this intimate and insightful event.

It’s an online event on the 26th of January 2013 at the following time :

  • 8PM UK
  • 3PM ET
  • 2PM CT
  • 1PM MT
  • 12 Noon PT

StarShip Sofa Announces District of Wonders

This week saw StarShipSofa launched its very own genre fiction audio network called District of Wonders.

There are four podcasts that now come under the District of Wonders banner all produced and edited by Tony C. Smith.

  • For horror fans there’s Tales to Terrify hosted by Larry Santoro.
  • For the crime fan, there’s the excellent Crime City Central, hosted by Jack Calverley.
  • For anyone gripped by excitement and adventure there’s Protecting Project Pulp hosted by Dave Robison
  • Science Fiction fans Would do well to check out StarShip Sofa hosted by Tony C. Smith.

Here’s a tantalizing video showcasing their  new network of fiction sites…
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StarShip Sofa Online Narrators Workshop

On June 10th 2012, Starship Sofa is hosting an Online Narrators Workshop.

Guest Speakers include:

  • Kate Baker
  • Peter Seaton-Clark
  • Mike Boris
  • Nathan Lowell

Heres the desription:

StarShipSofa built its reputation by featuring science fiction from the best authors of our time, from living legends whose works have inspired generations to the rising stars of the genre. StarShipSofa’s focus on quality science fiction has brought it an enthusiastic worldwide audience as well as the honor of being the first podcast in history to receive the Hugo Award. Who better to host a workshop for aspiring voice actors and narrators? If you wish to raise your narrating skills to the next level, join StarShipSofa and its special guests at this exciting workshop.

Everyone who has signed up for this workshop will be given access to video recordings of the entire session the week following the webinar.

See Starship Sofa’s Online Narrators Workshop post for more details.

Starship Sofa Benefit for Jeanne and Spider Robsinson

The good folks at Starship Sofa podcast are doing a good thing:

The British podcast StarShipSofa is rallying the science fiction/fantasy community around Spider and Jeanne Robinson this Holiday Season with a special book offer.

The online audio magazine has released an original three-episode novella by multiple Bram Stoker Award nominee Lawrence Santoro. StarShipSofa visitors and subscribers alike can hear Santoro reading “Lord Dickens’ Declaration” for free. They may also elect to purchase an ebook of the 23,000 word novella with art by American illustrator Skeet Scienski.

All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the Robinsons to support them during Jeanne’s battle with cancer.

Diagnosed with a rare biliary cancer, the treatments have eaten away at the Robinson’s finances as doctors aggressively fight the to keep the disease from spreading.

Santoro suspended work on another writing project to write and record “Lord Dickens…”. “Over the years, Spider and Jeanne’s work has been a constant on my home shelf and in my memory,” he said. “Giving them a couple months work is small payback. Keep dancing, Jeanne!”

This “Lord Dickens…” ebook will be available for purchase only through December 31st. Priced at 2.99 GBP (about $5 US), the purchaser has an option to donate more in increments of 10, 20, 50, & 100 Pounds.

Said, StarShipSofa editor Tony C. Smith, “Any fan of the Robinson’s can attest to their strength, but we hope that through this time of strife, the science fiction and fantasy community can help them survive through the worst. Thank you for standing with them in their time of need.”

Congratulations to StarShip Sofa and Episode #100!

Congratulations to awesome podcast StarShip Sofa on their 100th episode!

Here’s what’s in it:

  • Intro by All!
  • Editorial: We’ve Reached 100 by Tony C Smith
  • Fiction:
    • “End Of Oil” by Gwyneth Jones
    • “Bob The Dinosaur Goes To Disnyland” by Joe R Lansdale
    • “Two Dreams On Trains” by Elizabeth Bear
    • “Thought War” by Paul McAuley
    • “Feast or Famine” by Naomi Novik
    • “Billy In Dinosaur City” by Terry Bission
  • Fact: The Pulp Story by Lawrence Santoro

And don’t forget, they’re celebrating this milestone with a way-cool anthology of audio fiction: StarShip Sofa Stories, Volume 1!

Blast off!

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