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Fun with Friends—Helen Lowe Talks with Fellow Authors from Australia and New Zealand: Today’s Guest Is Stephen Minchin

About the Series:
“Fun with Friends” is an SF Signal interview series in which I feature fellow SFF authors from Australia and New Zealand. The format is one interview per month, with no more than five questions per interview, focusing on “who the author is” and “what she/he does” in writing terms.

Introducing Stephen Minchin:

Stephen Minchin is the publisher at Steam Press, a small press specializing in speculative fiction that has been operating since 2011. Stephen’s background is in the sciences, but after working for a horticultural consultancy company for seven years he realized that he would far rather retrain and get into publishing. He now works for a number of independent publishers in Wellington, New Zealand, where he focuses on digital production and drinking vast quantities of coffee. Steam Press released three books in 2012: The Prince of Soul and The Lighthouse by Fredrik Brouneus (which has now sold into Germany and the Czech Republic); Mansfield with Monsters by Katherine Mansfield with Matt and Debbie Cowens (which was one of the New Zealand Listener’s top 100 books of 2012); and Tropic of Skorpeo by Michael Morrissey (which is so bonkers that no one seems to know quite what to make of it.)

Photo by Jane Harris.

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