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The Completist: The CHANGE by Stephen R. Boyett

One thing I hope I’ve been able to do through this column is shed some light on titles / series / authors who may have been a bit overlooked when initially published or whose work has been overshadowed by some of the BIG NAME AUTHORS. I don’t exactly know where Stephen Boyett fits into that picture, but his two book series THE CHANGE is indeed unique and worthy of attention. The first book, Ariel, was the author’s debut and published in 1983 when he was 19. Those who read the novel at the time have held its story quite close to their hearts (Cory Doctorow and John Scalzi, to name two). Over twenty years later, Boyett returned to the characters and the worlds with Elegy Beach. I realize I may be stretching the bounds of “series” with these books since it is more or less a book and its sequel, but in my mind, anything more than one book equals “series.”

With that in mind, on to THE CHANGE
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