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Read an Excerpt from Steven S. Drachman’s Outrageous Adventure WATT O’HUGH UNDERGROUND

We’re pleased to be able to bring you an excerpt from Steven S. Drachman’s novel, Watt O’Hugh Underground!

Here’s what the book is about:


Watt O’Hugh the Third has been many things in his life: Time Roamer, Civil War soldier, orphan of the New York slums, Wild West dime novel hero, and the only true love of the beautiful socialite Lucy Billings.

But by August of 1878, he is naught but a wanted fugitive, a drunken wreck and an angry army of one. Spending his days in the shade of an abandoned Death Valley shack, poring over maps, imagining a way to destroy his enemies and march out of their city carrying their heads on flaming spears. Plotting a solo military conquest that he knows cannot and will not ever succeed.

Until the day that Hester Smith beats down his such-as-it-is door and offers him his dreams of revenge against the monstrous Sidonian regime that has destroyed his life — and one last chance at redemption.

But first there is the matter of a rather urgent train robbery with which she needs his help, and, more to the point, the help of his ghosts…

Read on for an excerpt!

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