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Friday YouTube: Watch the Epic Flipbook Animation Battle of Goku vs. Superman

Pretty much what the title says…
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Cover & Synopsis: LOIS LANE: FALLOUT by Gwenda Bond

Here’s the cover and synopsis for Gwenda Bond’s upcoming young adult novel Fallout, a book about the early days of Lois Lane in Metropolis.

Here’s the synopsis:
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Celebrate Superman’s 75th Anniversary with This Excellent Animated Tribute

Golden Wolf recently teamed up with Warner Bros Animation and MOI Studio to help bring their vision for Superman’s 75th anniversary to life. And done well, I might add.

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Superman Still Believes in Santa Claus

You know what Clark Kent needs? A little bit of Bruce Wayne’s stark realism.
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Friday YouTube: Batman vs. Superman (in Lego)

In case anyone was wondering how Btaman might fare against Superman, well, this Lego animation pretty much summarizes it.

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Superman, Batman and The Doctor Walk into a Cafe…

No, seriously…

The folks behind How It Should’ve Ended and Superhero Cafe, bring us a special video for Doctor Who Week – Who’s A Hero – featuring Superman, Batman and the Doctor.

Favorite line?

“What would a bat do with a screwdriver?”

“You could’ve saved Rory and Amy!”

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VIDEO: (The Voice of) Batman vs. (The Voice of) Superman

What happens when the voice of Batman goes up against the voice of Superman?

Watch this video and find out

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Video: Man of Steel The Animated Series (Or, Superman is Kind of a Jerk)

Fresh off his run in the theaters, and just in time for the DVD release of Man of Steel on Tuesday, November 12th, Screen Junkies brings us a great new animated Man of Steel…

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VIDEO: Batman vs. Superman

Here’s another one of College Humor’s Batman videos…this time bringing in Superman amdidst scuttlebutt of the pending Superman/Batman film.

File under: NSFW, but funny.

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Zack Snyder’s Super-Cool Superman 75th Anniversary Animated Video

What’s the best way to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Superman’s appearance? If you’re film director Zack Snyder, you put together this video celebrating the Man of Steel’s decades-long run.

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REVIEW: Justice League – The Flashpoint Paradox

REVIEW SUMMARY: A decent offering marred by an art style so grotesque as to be horribly distracting.
BRIEF SYNOPSIS: After battling a menagerie of his enemies, The Flash (Barry Allen), wakes up to find the world has changed. Atlantis is at war with the Amazon’s of Themyscira, who have destroyed Europe, and claimed the United Kingdom as their own. In this alternate world, it’s up to Barry Allen and this world’s version of The Batman to set things right again, or die trying.

PROS: Decent story; nice to see Barry’s version of The Flash in an animated feature; this Batman is interesting (not all alternates have been); another fun romp through the ‘what if’ catalogue of stories.
CONS: The physical representations of the heroes (the art) is weird, grotesque and distracting; even without having read the original comics, the twist was predictable.
BOTTOM LINE: As a fan of the animated movies DC has been pumping out, this one is much better than the previous few and well worth your time.

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Superman and Batman on the Upcoming “Superman/Batman” Film

You didn’t think that Superman and Batman were going to let the recent Superman/Batman film announcement go unmentioned, did you…?

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How “Man of Steel” Should Have Ended

The folks at How It Should Have Ended tackle Man of Steel

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MOVIE REVIEW: Man of Steel (2013)

REVIEW SYNOPSIS: Overly long, sloppily scripted, needlessly violent, with changes that need not—and in some instances, should not—have been made, Zack Snyder’s telling of the classic superhero’s origins, despite some good touches, never coheres into a unified whole.


SYNOPSIS: Kryptonian scientist Jor-El sends his only son to Earth as his own world perishes.  The boy grows to manhood and learns of his identity and extraordinary powers as a renegade general from his home planet demands his surrender.

PROS: Good cast, with strong performances by Russell Crowe and Amy Adams; incredible rendering of Krypton; small, standout scenes.
CONS: Muddy, redundant script; too much action; too little character development, with the main characters underfinished; a major change in the title character that goes against his primary image.

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Everything Wrong With “Superman Returns” In 6 Minutes Or Less

Man of Steel is just around the corner. What better reason to remember exactly why the franchise needed a reboot!
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Friday YouTube: Superman – Bad Days #4

Bad days is a web series that shows that life is not always peachy keen just because you have super powers.

Take, f’rinstance, Superman. Is there trouble in paradise for The Man of Steel and Lois Lane?

Watch a Superman-centric Bad Days!

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NEW TRAILER: Man of Steel

Here’s the latest trailer for Zack Snyder’s Siperman reboot, Man of Steel. As we know from the recent General Zod teaser, it looks like this reboot skips right to a General Zod story line. There also looks like some “boy coping with powers” thread that attempts to lend some weight to the character. Time will tell.

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VIDEO: Batman Slams the New “Man of Steel” Trailer

The awesome, wish-I-had-their-job folks at How It Should Have Ended have put together another episode in which the ever-egotistical Batman shares his thoughts with Superman on the Man of Steel trailer…

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TRAILER: Man of Steel

Warner Brothers has given us a proper trailer for next summer’s Man of Steel from director Zack Snyder and producer Christopher Nolan.  Definitely looks to be a darker take on Superman than what we’ve seen in the past, but is it enough to wash the creepy/stalker Supes from Superman Returns from our memories?

Check it out after the jump.

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Watch Max Fleischer’s Superman

If you cruise on over to the Warner Bros. YouTube channel, you’ll see that they have posted some videos of the Max Fleischer Superman cartoon episodes. Fleischer is a pioneer of the animated cartoon industry and these cartoons have a certain charm to them, don’t they?

Here’s the first episode, simply titled “Superman”…
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