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INTERVIEW: Artist Ian Miller Talks About His New Book, THE ART OF IAN MILLER

Ian Miller is an artist, illustrator and writer based in the U.K. He graduated from the Painting Faculty of St Martin’s School of Art in 1970. Between 1975 and 1976 he worked for Ralph Bakshi on his Feature animation Wizards and in the 80’s worked on a second Bakshi film called Cool World. Since then Miller has done pre-production work on numerous films including Shrek.

The first collection of his work was published in 1979 by Dragon’s Dream under the heading The Green Dog Trumpet. This was followed shortly afterwards by a second volume entitled Secret Art. Miller is currently working on numerous private commissions, films and projects, including ‘The Broken Novel’.

His new book, The Art of Ian Miller, was just released this week from Titan publishing.

Hre’s my chat with Ian about his work…

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