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REVIEW: The Dragon’s Path by Daniel Abraham

SYNOPSIS: In a world once dominated by dragons, reaching out of a medieval level of development, a burgeoning wide scale conflict has roots and character perspectives military, political and economic.


PROS: Nice wide lens of seeing a building conflict from multiple perspectives; excellent use of money as a social force equal to military and political ones.
CONS: The various races aren’t distinctive enough; worldbuilding is a tad thin.
VERDICT: Although somewhat less innovative than his previous work, this is a solid Epic Fantasy from Daniel Abraham

Daniel Abraham is a unique and growing voice in fantasy. His Long Price Quartet, with a storyline and a set of novels spanning decades was fresh, different and heralded a unique voice in fantasy doing new and different things. But in The Dragon’s Path, the first of The Dagger and the Coin series, Abraham seems to step back to far more standard epic fantasy, eschewing his previous inventiveness for more standard core Epic Fantasy.

Or does he?

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