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[GUEST POST] What Michael J. Martinez Learned from “The Empire Strikes Back”

Michael J. Martinez is the author of the newly released historical fantasy/space opera mashup The Enceladus Crisis, sequel to the critically acclaimed The Daedalus Incident. When not writing fiction, Mike has a day job writing about stocks and bonds. He brews his own beer and travels a lot thanks to his travel-writer wife; their daughter is awesome. Mike lives on the Jersey side of the greater New York City. He’s on Twitter and Untappd.

What I learned from The Empire Strikes Back

by Michael J. Martinez

I wrote a book that came out last year – barely, I might add. There was some question as to whether Night Shade Books would be a going concern if it wasn’t successful in selling off its assets to Skyhorse Publishing, and my pending debut novel, The Daedalus Incident, was one of those assets. But hey, the sale went through, and my book came out.

And then the new Skyhorse/Night Shade folks agreed to let me write two more.

Of course, having just learned to write a novel, I really hadn’t tried my hand at a sequel, so I had no idea how to go about it. Tapping into my intensive journalism training (which most often consisted of, “Hey, there’s a fire, go cover it” or “Find out everything you can about Microsoft NT in the next 20 minutes”), I dove into the research.
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VIDEO: Star Wars Rock (Empire Strikes Back/Schoolhouse Rock Mashup)

I cannot tell you how much I am tickled by this mashup of The Empire Strikes Back and Schoolhouse Rock. Something about the plucky tune as background music to Star Wars just…makes sense.

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VIDEO: ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ is even Better as a Telenovela!

…featuring Mark Hamill as Pepe!
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