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[GUEST POST] Jesse Bullington on Reality and The Folly of the World

Jesse Bullington spent the bulk of his formative years in rural Pennsylvania, the Netherlands, and Tallahassee, Florida. He is a folklore enthusiast who holds a bachelor’s degree in History and English Literature from Florida State University. He currently resides in Colorado and can be found online at www.jessebullington.com.

Reality and The Folly of the World

Reality is subjective.

Hear me out!

Not to be that jackass philosophy undergrad who wants to argue with you about how you can’t really know if that orange in the fruit bowl is actually, yanno, orange, but for real: everything we take for granted about our world is made known to us via a system of organic sensors and filters, sensors and filters which regularly suffer glitches if not outright failures, and—

Wait, come back! I’m sorry. Can we start over? Even if oranges are really blue and it’s just a result of the mode by which we process the reflection of light that they appear orange, I’ll allow that the fruit, when ripe, does look to be the same color to the vast majority of human eyes. That color is orange.

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