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[GUEST POST] Gilbert Colon on Biopics Fantastique: The Biographical Film as Fantasia

Like Franz Kafka, Gilbert Colon is a civil servant by day, writer by night, and full-time crime-solver in his own imagination. He has contributed to a range of periodicals including Filmfax, Cinema Retro, The New York Review of Science Fiction, as well as the book Invasion of the Body Snatchers: A Tribute (Stark House Press). A guest post of his will soon appear on the author blog Bradley on Film.

Biopics Fantastique: The Biographical Film as Fantasia

“… I want my story back. It’s not much, but it’s what I do.”—Dashiell Hammett in Hammett.

A recent New York Magazine issue showcases John McTeigue’s The Raven (2012) with a sidebar list of supposedly similar biopics that includes Finding Neverland, Capote, Midnight in Paris, Shadowlands, Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle, Miss Potter, Quills, Permanent Midnight, The Hours, and Ed Wood.  But those films are wholly unlike The Raven in that they are traditional biopics, treating their subjects in a purely straightforward manner.  John Cusack describes The Raven as “a mash-up”—“a straight biopic would be boring,” he claims—but that is insufficiently specific.  The Raven is the latest in a long line of unconventional biographical films in which the artist somehow literally encounters his or her art.  In other words, these biopics employ a metafictional literary device in which the character, usually a writer, steps into or inhabits his own created world.  There are enough of these “biographical fantasies,” for lack of a better word, to deserve consideration as a subgenre of the biopic, no matter what we call them (fantasy biopic, biographical fantasia, biopic metafiction, etc.).

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The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 121): Panel Discussion – 2012 Summer Movies

In episode 121 of the SF Signal Podcast, Patrick Hester asks a panel of guests and SF Signal Irregulars:

Q: Which movies are you looking forward to seeing this summer?

This week’s panel:

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Awesome Futuristic Short Film: The Raven

Check out Ricardo de Montreuil’s way-cool short film, The Raven:

Chris Black possesses a power that could lead to the destruction of the current regime, and they will stop at nothing to destroy him.

The chase is on as Chris runs for his life in this sci-fi thriller set in an alternate and futuristic Los Angeles.

Nice job of the special effects and the tension of this too-short chase scene. Not entirely sure I get the ending, but a spectacular job nonetheless.

[via /Film]