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A Bad Lip Reading of “The Walking Dead” Season 4 (Part 2)

I feel so, so guilty for liking these videos so much. Such a simple idea that consumes so much of my time when there are so many other more important things to do.

And then this makes it seem all worthwhile: “There ain’t a man alive who doesn’t wanna get his butt washed in the Jedi fountain…”

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Hilarious Video of the Week: A Bad Lip Reading of “The Walking Dead” Season 4

I love these Bad Lip Reading videos with a passion that’s disturbing. So much good stuff in here. (Singing “Mister Potato Head likes…to punch me…” Genius.)

Best of all: Carl’s epic “Carl Poppa” rap at 2:47. Seriously…I just purchased the mp3 so I can play it in my car at top volume with the windows down.

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TRAILER: “The Walking Dead” Mid-Season-4 Premiere

Here’s the trailer for the 2014 mid-season premiere airing next month on AMC.

Lord help me, I’m sticking with The Walking Dead, a show some call too slow, but which I seem to watch religiously every week.

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The Cast From “The Walking Dead” Sings “Monster Mash”

Well, sorta…

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Sneak Peek: “The Walking Dead” Season 4

AMC just released this too-short sneak peek at Season 4 of The Walking Dead, coming October 13th….

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“The Walking Dead” Season 4 Trailer

The Walking Dead has only gotten better since season 1, and this long trailer for season 4 shows that the show still has a few surprises in store…

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Bad Lip Reading Takes on “The Walking Dead”

This is the best thing I’ve seen all week.

“There’s too many different peanuts…looking sad.”
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A Video Peek at the February Premiere of “The Walking Dead”

I like The Walking Dead, but I’ll be the first to admit that the pacing in the first 2 seasons was a bit slow. Season 3, however, is much better paced, with multiple storylines and interesting turns of events.

The Waking Dead is on a mid-season break at the moment, but fans can get a quick taste of the show’s return in February with the episode ‘The Suicide King’ right here, right now…

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Snooty, Urbane Zombies Love “The Walking Dead”

A clip from Conan that shows how zombies feel about AMC’s zombie show, The Walking Dead

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HISHE: The Zombie Song (Extended Cut)

Just in time for this weekend’s return of The Walking Dead to AMC (October 14th – check your local listings), the folks over at How It Should Have Ended have released an extended cut of their popular Zombie Song…

He’s just a lonely zombie.. who could really eat some brains…

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New Trailer: “The Walking Dead” – Season 3

While not as long or as revealing as the original Season 3 trailer, this new, shorter trailer has me wishing October was already here…

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VIDEO: Robert “The Walking Dead” Kirkman Explains How to Adapt a TV Show From a Comic Book

This illuminating (and spoilery) video interview with From Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead, comes from the season 2 BluRay extras.

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This Product Is Specifically Designed To Be Addictive: The Walking Dead

Sooner or later, if you’re talking about comics with speculative fiction elements, the conversation’s going to get to The Walking Dead. This right here is that point.

Why? Because: best-selling comic in the US this July? Walking Dead #100. By a loooong way. Anniversary issues always get a jump in sales (in this case, more of a rocket launch than a jump), but even so here’s a black and white, creator-owned zombie comic dramatically outselling Batman, Spider-Man, any corporately owned and marketed superhero you care to mention.

I’ve read the first eleven trade paperback collections (out of sixteen available), so what follows is based solely on that much reading. It’ll also be spoiler-free, which is always my preference but – almost uniquely in the world of online comics talk – there is anyway a widely, if imperfectly, observed self-imposed ban on spoiling The Walking Dead. That tells you a lot about the nature of the series’ appeal, as I’ll get into below.

My expectation: this is going to end up with the subjective and objective colliding, beating one another about the head and collapsing in an unresolved heap on the floor, because I have issues with The Walking Dead that are in part to do with me, not the material. But that in itself is interesting, if obvious: the reader brings their own preferences, state of mind, entire life, to a text and the resulting amalgamated experience can be about much more than any inherent qualities of that text.

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This Zombie-Infested Trailer for “The Walking Dead” Season 3 Offers an Excellent Peek at the Governer Story Line

For all the complaining I do about how slow The Walking Dead episodes seem to be, I still return every week. And this peek into season 3 (the “Governor” story line from the graphic novels) is looking mighty fine.

I did *not* expect the surprise at the end of this trailer. Nice…
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VIDEO: Wil Wheaton Tells Carl to Get Back in the House

Playing off the “Carl, get back in the &#*!@*” meme from The Walking Dead, Wil Wheaton and Chandler Riggs have created a video that transcends awesome.

[via The Mary Sue]

VIDEO: The Bowling Dead

Nerdist Chris Hardwick and his team offer another installment of Bowling with Celebrities. This time they take on the caset and creator of The Walking Dead.
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Friday YouTube: Walking Dead Mad Men

A mashup of 2 AMC Shows: The Walking Dead and Mad Men

Scenes from Mid-Season Premiere of ‘The Walking Dead’ (Including the First 3 Minutes)

The Walking Dead Season 2 continues on AMC TV at 9/8c on Feb 12, 2012.

Here’s the first three minutes:

And, just because, 2 additional scenes from episode #208:
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SF Tidbits for 8/13/09

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