Here’s the the cover art and synopsis of the upcoming anthology The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Thirty-First Annual Collection edited by Gardner Dozois, arriving in July 2014.

There’s a much larger cover after the jump. This is the same excellent Jim Burns artwork that was used on the cover of Interzone #245.

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You may remember from earlier this year that the first two volumes of The Year’s Best Science Fiction anthology series edited by Gardner Dozois have been released as eBooks. Now, word comes that St. Martin’s is releasing the entire anthology series as eBooks in October 2012. This includes the The Best Of The Best:20 Years Of The Best super-anthology.

Bonus: They are also releasing electronic version of Gardner’s other anthologies Modern Classics Of Fantasy, The Good Old Stuff, and The Good New Stuff.

From a St. Martin’s press release:
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Gardner Dozois has posted on his facebook page that he has just released his long out-of-print anthologies The Year’s Best Science Fiction, First Annual Collection and The Year’s Best Science Fiction, Second Annual Collection to the Amazon Kindle store. And you can get them for just under $7 each. That’s a steal.

My first two Best anthologies from St. Martin’s, THE YEAR’S BEST SCIENCE FICTION, FIRST ANNUAL COLLECTION and THE YEAR’S BEST SCIENCE FICTION, SECOND ANNUAL COLLECTION, are now available in Kindle editions. These are extremely hard editions to find in print, people have been asking me at cons for decades how they can find them, and I’ve seen them selling for hundreds and even thousands of dollars–so if you ever wanted to read them, the start of my long-running Best of the Year series (soon up to its Twenty-Ninth Annual Edition, which will out in July), this is probably your best chance.

So run out and buy these in a buying frenzy. Buy them as presents for friends. Buy them as gifts for your pets. If they sell well enough in Kindle format, I may be able to convince the publisher that they should make other old, long-out-of-print volumes in the series available in that format as well.

This is great news. I’ve already told the story of how I came to own a physical copy of the first annual collection, now I can get a copy of the missing second annual collection.

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