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[Guest Post] Stant Litore Offers Up 4 Reasons We Still Love the Living Dead

Born a farmer’s son in the Pacific Northwest, Stant Litore took the college road and eventually earned his PhD in English, but remains passionate for things that grow. He spent several years in a dim corner of a library, repairing bruised and battered books, before heading overseas to backpack through Europe. Haunted by the hunger and poverty he witnessed at home and abroad, he began spinning stories about the hungers that devour us and the hopes that preserve us. Today he lives in Colorado with his wife and their two daughters, writing about the restless dead and the restless living. He avoids certain parts of the mountains during the dark of the moon. Strangers in the Land is his first published novel.

4 Reasons We Still Love the Living Dead

Do a search on Amazon.com for “zombie.” Go ahead. I dare you.

I just did. I got 13,560 results under “Books” alone.

(And if you really want to boggle your mind, that’s up from my search of 8,764 results this time last year.)

13,560 results. I’m going to give you a moment to let that sink in.

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