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Table of Contents: ASTRONOMICAL ODDS Edited by Juliana Rew

Juliana Rew has a new anthology out. It’s called Astronomical Odds.

Here’s the book description:

It’s not the end of everything, just approaching the limit. Maybe you can beat the odds. Third Flatiron Anthologies presents “Astronomical Odds,” a fresh selection of short SF/Fantasy/Horror/Humor stories with a mathematical twist.

What are the chances of getting away with murder? Or of getting back that letter the Post Office lost? Stranded in space and time? Odds of survival may be tiny, but you may luck out and find a friendly planet–or maybe not. Stuck in a dead-end life? Having a “perfect” baby or spouse is usually a crapshoot, but maybe an adjustment can be made. Wondering what the future holds? The Northern Line just opened a new tube route to Betelgeuse, but tickets to New Eden are one-way only. Get your tickets now! Brother Dill’s Traveling Circus is in town, elephants can fly, and the boy genius has all the answers.

And here’s the table of contents
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