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Catching Up on SciFi Movies (Part 27): Thor: The Dark World / Captain America: The Winter Soldier / Epic

Continuing a trend tailor-made for the Twitter generation, here are my quick takes on a few recently-watched genre-related films.

My brief thoughts follow…
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Friday YouTube: Loki Hates Little Kids

Ok, so this is really a commercial for Thor: The Dark World…but still…a funny spoof of those AT&T commercials.

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Honest Trailers: Thor!

Just in tine for the release of Thor: The Dark World comes the Honest Trailer version of Thor!
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Journey Into Mystery with The Mighty Thor

Thor: The Dark World opens on November 8th. With that in mind, I thought I’d take a look at some of Thor’s more recent adventures for the Kirkus Reviews blog.

From the Post:

I was more than a little skeptical of the first movie. Thor was never one of my favorite characters growing up. First, he talked funny. All ‘thou’, ‘thee’, ‘verily’, and whatnot. Second, well, he just wasn’t accessible to me as a reader. I couldn’t identify with him – he was a god, after all. Truth told, I enjoyed the alternate Thor versions Beta Ray Bill and Eric Masterson (Thunderstrike) in the comics more than I did Thor himself. But the movie converted me. They stripped away all the things about Thor I didn’t care for or identify with. They brought his humanity to the forefront and made the character likable, and accessible, without losing the core of who he is and what drives him. Yes, they changed up his backstory (Don Blake became a one-liner joke), but in this situation, I was actually for those changes. With that in mind, I offer up 5 graphic novels featuring Marvel’s God of Thunder, Thor to get you ready for The Dark World.

Click on over to the Kirkus Reviews Blog to read the rest of the post.

The Crossover You’ve Been Waiting For: Phineas and Ferb Meet the Marvel Superheroes

Here’s an event the likes of which have not been experienced since Batman met Scooby Doo and the gang.

This Summer you will see Phineas and Ferb…meet Marvel superheroes Iron Man, Spider-Man, The Hulk, Thor and Nick Fury. It gets better: together they go up against MODOK, Red Skull, Whiplash and Venom!


Here’s the trailer…
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Want Free Geek Music? Check Out “I’ll Be Your Thor” by John Anealio

Sci-Fi Songster John Anealio (he loves it when you call him that) is now offering his new song “I’ll Be Your Thor” for the low, low price of free. He says the song is dedicated to his wife, but there’s a lot of love for Chris Hemsworth in there. :)

Listen below, of head on over to his site and sing along with the lyrics.

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[TRAILER] Thor: The Dark World

Marvel’s Phase 2 domination of filmdom kicks off with Iron Man 3, but we’ll also get to see a bunch more superhero movies. Like this one, Thor: The Dark World, which takes place some time after the first movie. I’m not sure what exactly is going on, but it somehow involves Christopher Eccleston, Loki and his not sudden-and-inevitable betrayal. I was somewhat underwhelmed by the fist movie and I can’t say this one does a whole lot for me either.
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Marvel Announces Release Dates for Next Iron Man, Thor and Captain America Films

How do you follow up The Avengers, amovie that currently hold the number 3 spot in the list of all-time top worldwide grossing films? Well, if you’re Marvel, you announce your next set of films at Comi Con! That’s just what they’ve done.

G4tv is reporting that Marvel has announced the following schedule for their next superhero films. And look! It even includes Guardians of the Galaxy
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Who’s Who in The Avengers – A Primer For Newbies

Joss Whedon is bringing The Avengers to movie theaters everywhere on May 4th.  Not everyone knows who The Avengers are or what they’re all about, so I thought we might take a look at the team before that movie comes out.

The Avengers began in the pages of Marvel comics way back in 1963.  They followed in the footsteps of DC comics who re-launched their team, the Justice League of America, in 1960 (The Brave and the Bold #28). A lot of heroes have been part of the team throughout the years, but the original team had Iron Man, Ant-Man, Wasp, Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye and the Black Panther.  Captain America joined a little later.  Similar to the JLA, the idea was the team would ‘assemble’ whenever there was a threat too big for any one superhero to handle.  Hence, they were ‘Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’.

For the film, they are looking at a team of: Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Hawkeye and Black Widow, all of whom have been part of the team at one point or another. 

Let’s take a look at each one…

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MOVIE REVIEW: Thor (2011)

REVIEW SUMMARY: Good looking and fun but ultimately slight.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: After impetuously attacking the Frost Giants on their home planet Jotunheim on the eve he is to ascend the throne of Asgard, Thor, the God of Thunder, is cast from the higher realms to Earth, where he becomes the defender of humanity.


PROS: Good cast, attractive design and good action sequences, all under director Kenneth Branagh’s deft hand.

CONS: Predictable script hampered by Kenneth Branagh’s too deft touch; rushed pace; feels more like a placeholder than an adaptation.

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Sunday Cinema: The Incredible Hulk Returns (1988)

Hard to believe that this TV movie didn’t spawn hundreds more. Oh wait — maybe it isn’t.

Here’s the description:

The Incredible Hulk teams up with Viking God Thor in this feature-length continuation of the landmark TV series.

I actually remember watching this one back in ’88. It had Hulk and Thor. How could it fail? Watch and see…