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INTERVIEW: Alex Scarrow, author of the Time Riders series!

Alex Scarrow used to be a rock guitarist, then he became a graphic artist, then he decided to be a computer-games designer. Finally, he grew up and became an author. He has written a number of successful thrillers and several screenplays, but it’s Young Adult fiction that has allowed him to really have fun with many of the really cool ideas and concepts he was playing around with when designing games.

He lives in Norwich with his family.

You can follow Alex on Twitter @AlexScarrow

Kristin Centorcelli: Will you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

Alex Scarrow: Well, I’ve been a bit all over the place really. I spent the first ten years out of school chasing a record deal with loads of different rock bands, all of them unsuccessful! In my later 20’s I finally decided it wasn’t going to happen and had to get myself a job. And I got really lucky. I found myself working for a computer games company doing pixel art. I spent ten years in the computer games industry finally ending up as a senior games designer. But then, I found myself getting quite bored with that, eventually migrating to writing short stories, then novels….and eventually getting my first novel published in 2006. Been writing ever since!

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