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Friday YouTube: Honest Trailer – Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Okay, this one is probably an easier target than most…but that doesn’t mean it’s any less funny…

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Tuesday Tune: “Iridescent” by Linkin Park

This soundtrack single from Linkin Park may be the best thing to ever come out of Transformers 3: Dark Of The Moon.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)

REVIEW SUMMARY: Michael Bay’s explosive Summer Blockbuster return to the world of Autobots and Decepticons.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: A lost Cybertronian spaceship is discovered on the Moon. Will the Autobots recover the ship’s secrets before the Decepticons and end the war once and for all?


From 1984-1987, I was a Transformers fangirl. It was one of several afternoon cartoons I loved coming home to watch. I wrote fanfiction (bad – and hopefully completely destroyed – fanfiction) based on that incarnation of Transformers. I was – and still am – an Optimus Prime fangirl. I went to the 1986 Transformers: The Movie. I have the VHS version in the original shrinkwrap.

Then life happened. I found other fandoms. I lost track of the various incarnations of Transformers. Then came Michael Bay. I wanted to see the first two movies. But I let reviews and other things get in the way. I never saw the first two. But when the previews began for Transformers: Dark of the Moon, I had to see it. Mixing Transformers with Moon Landing…had to see it. Hearing Peter Cullen reprising the Optimus Voice…had to see it. I avoided most of the reviews – wanting no preconceptions going in, which was difficult.

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