Here’s the cover and synopsis for the forthcoming novel Inside a Silver Box by Walter Mosley. The last Mosley book I read was The Wave. This one sounds like it might bejust as enjoyable.

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VIDEO: Celebrating Octavia E. Butler

Samuel R. Delany, Jane Yolen, Kate Elliott, Walter Mosley, Jonathan Lethem, N. K. Jemisin, and Gary K. Wolfe pay tribute to Octavia E. Butler and discuss her lasting legacy.

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BOOK REVIEW: The Wave by Walter Mosley

REVIEW SUMMARY: An eclectic mix of several genres that’s entertaining and fun.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Errol Porter’s life changes when he gets a phone call from his dead father.

PROS: A super-quick-read; felt like several novels in one entertaining package.
CONS: Slightly weaker second half.
BOTTOM LINE: A fun ride.
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