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2013: A Short Review

2013 was a good year to me. On the story front, the first semester wasn’t a strong one; too much work at my day job at the university (and the non-stop work translating SF works from English to Brazilian Portuguese) prompted me to create a blog just to jot down a few unfiltered thoughts in the form of flash fiction. Narrative Textures had a very brief life – 3 or 4 months tops, I guess; I saved the cache but I deleted the blog, so I don’t have the precise number.

It was a lifesaver, though – it helped me to keep focus through a rough patch in my personal life. It was a year for trying to achieve some peace of mind, and writing was part of the process. But I wasn’t aiming at anything in particular then: I had no stories published in any venue in 2013, but until May I had written at least thirty pieces of flash fiction or fragments of larger stories. It was good practice. Because the next step would be the best and the hardest.
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