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Here’s the Cover & Synopsis for THE PERIPHERAL by William Gibson

Hey, Gibson fans…check out the cover and synopsis for William Gibson’s upcoming novel The Peripheral.

Whaddya think?

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30 Years of William Gibson’s Neuromancer

I’ll have to confess that I read Neuromancer only a couple of years ago, and at the time, didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. It was a book about computers, written before computers were really a thing. The strange thing about William Gibson’s fantastic novel is it’s staying power and how it’s positively brimming with fresh ideas in a genre gone stale by the early 1980s. Going back to re-read Gibson’s works (especially in Burning Chrome), I’m shocked at how vibrant and raw his writing is.

Neuromancer is one of the more important books to enter the genre, and as it celebrates its third decade in print, it’s an interesting one to go back and look upon and to understand just how revolutionary the title was at the time.

Go read 30 Years of William Gibson’s Neuromancer over on Kirkus Reviews.

A Video Interview with William Gibson

Author William Gibson appeared on VICE’s Motherboard TV to give this engrossing video interview…

Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy Finds a New Home at Wired

If you were only skimming today’s tidbits, you may have missed a bit of noteworthy news: Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy, the excellent podcast hosted by John Joseph Adams and David Barr Kirtley, has found a new home at Wired‘s Underwire blog.

I’m happy to see this. It’s a logical match-up and GGG is a wonderful podcast that deserves more exposure. Congrats to John and David!

Their brand new podcast features a great interview with William Gibson. Go give it a listen.

VIDEO: William Gibson on Writing, SF and Digital Panopticons in the 21st Century

Great vide posted by digiphile…it’s William Gibson talking at a book store about writing, scienc efiction and all sorts of great stuff….

Multiple videos are strung together right here…

See also: Our podcast interview with William Gibson.

The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 071): An Interview with Author William Gibson

In episode 71 of the SF Signal Podcast, Patrick Hester chats with multi-award winning author William Gibson.

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REVIEW: Zero History by William Gibson

REVIEW SUMMARY: In the vein of Spook Country, William Gibson melds the form of the thriller with the observations of science fiction to create an always readable and often enjoyable, if occasionally too glib, examination of the end of the new century’s first decade.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Under the employ of Hubertus Bigend, former pop star Hollis Henry and ex-drug addict Milgrim join forces to search for the creator of the designer brand Gabriel Hounds.


PROS: Insights, ruminations and details of life in the twenty-first century; deft chronicling of life in twenty-first century Europe; engaging characters; ironic sense of humor; strong prose and generally elegant pacing; a breathless and body-count-free thriller about…

CONS: …jeans? Really? And its ending teeters dangerously close to standard thriller plotting.

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VIDEO: William Gibson on Characterization, Numbers, Entrepreneurs, Business Models and Science Fiction

Another video after the jump

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BOOK TRAILER: ‘Zero History’ Narrated by William Gibson

William Gibson reads a passage from his upcoming novel, Zero History, which finishes the sequence of novels that includes Pattern Recognition and Spook Country. The book arrives on September 7th

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