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Geeks Doing Good Fundraiser

Worldbuilders is the geeky charity founded by best-selling author Patrick Rothfuss. To date, they’ve raised over $3 million towards Heifer International’s efforts to end world hunger through an annual fundraiser where fans donate directly to Heifer for the chance to win something out of the lottery of thousands of books, games, and other coolness that Worldbuilders offers.

This summer, Worldbuilders is adding a second, mid-year fundraiser, with a different format that might appeal to a wider audience. Rather than have a lottery system where you might win anything, they’ve started an IndieGoGo campaign called Geeks Doing Good where they’re featuring cool new perks and merchandise. Some are exclusive to the campaign, some are pre-orders for future products, and some are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities at something really cool. They’ve pulled out the chance aspect and kept the awesome prizes, so now everyone who contributes will definitely get something.

A few of the cool items are:
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Help Worldbuilders! Donate $5 or More for 3 or More Games

Worldbuilders is a charity run by New York Times Best-Selling author Patrick Rothfuss in support of international poverty aid charity Heifer International. Regularly pulling in support from an all-star cast of writers, geek icons, and musicians, Worldbuilders has raised millions for charity since 2008, giving readers and fans of fantasy a chance to help participate in making the world a better place while getting something fun for their efforts.

GOG.com, the DRM-free digital distributor of the best games in history for PC and Mac has launched its first-ever charity action on the service. After recently celebrating 5 years in business, after building one of the largest hardcore gaming communities on the ‘Net, and after all of the success and growth it has achieved, the company has decided it is time to give back.
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