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Sunday Cinema: Robot Holocaust (1986)

Really, how can you miss with a description like this? Against the decimated ruins of the New York City of the future, mankind has lost its dominance on Earth following the [...]

March 22, 2009 // 0 Comments

SF Tidbits for 3/22/09

Free Fiction: A free fiction link for the Hugo-nominated “Article of Faith” by Mike Resnick has been added to the list of 2009 Hugo Award Finalists. (Thanks, [...]

March 22, 2009 // 0 Comments

SF Tidbits for 3/21/09

The Sydney Writers’ Centre has an audio-interview with Sean Williams (The Dust Devils). [via SFFaudio] Guy Gavriel Kay looks at how “a writer’s engagement [...]

March 21, 2009 // 1 Comment

Are Free Libraries Still Justified?

Via Enter the Octopus, Kevin Myers at The Independent asks: Are free libraries still justified? Now, only a baboon would deny the usefulness of free libraries to children. [...]

March 20, 2009 // 16 Comments

FINALISTS: 2009 Hugo Awards

The 2009 Hugo Awards, honoring works first published in 2008 or works first published in 2008 in the US that were published in a previous year outside the US, have been [...]

March 20, 2009 // 10 Comments

SF Tidbits for 3/20/09

Cover Pr0n: John Picacio shows off his stunning cover for Mark Chadbourn‘s upcoming book Age of Misrule: The Darkest Hour. [via Pyr-o-mania] Amazon has finally posted [...]

March 20, 2009 // 0 Comments

Tube Bits For 03/20/2009

Robert Carlyle is starring in the upcoming Sci Fi, sorry, SyFy series Stargate Universe. Sci Fi Wire (shouldn’t that be SyFyWyre now?) interviews Carlyle who says the [...]

March 20, 2009 // 0 Comments

SF Signal Featured at Fantasy Tavern

SF Signal is featured as The Fantasy Tavern‘s Fortnight Feature beginning today. For those who don’t know, The Fantasy Tavern features fantasy book reviews, free [...]

March 19, 2009 // 5 Comments

Is This a Kindle Killer?

Just weeks after the announcement of Amazon’s Kindle 2, Fujitsu today announced the release of the world’s first color e-Paper “mobile terminal”, now [...]

March 19, 2009 // 6 Comments

Free eBook: Deathworld by Harry Harrison

New to is Harry Harrison’s classic adventure, Deathworld. From the Amazon description: “Deathworld” centers on Jason dinAlt, a professional [...]

March 19, 2009 // 0 Comments

SF Tidbits for 3/19/09

Frederik Pohl recalls how The Space Merchants was optioned. Jay Lake has a fantastic post about The evil of the Google copyright settlement. @TrekMovie, Star Trek writer and [...]

March 19, 2009 // 3 Comments

MIND MELD: Taboo Topics in SF/F Literature

Times change, and taboos change with them. What sort of taboos exist nowadays in the world of publishing? Q: Once upon a time, sf/f was full of taboos: no swearing, no sex, [...]

March 18, 2009 // 37 Comments

That’s No Moon!

We don’t usually mix politics with SF on our blog, but I recently saw a ‘poster’ that I thought was rather clever. It mixes science fiction (which we all [...]

March 18, 2009 // 18 Comments

SF Tidbits for 3/18/09

Kristine Kathryn Rusch shares the cool Dave Seeley cover art for her upcoming book, Diving into the Wreck, due out later this year from Pyr. Awards News: Locus Roundtable has [...]

March 18, 2009 // 0 Comments

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