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SF Tidbits for 3/5/10

Interviews/Profiles Horror Bound interviews Nancy Kilpatrick. The Agony Column interviews Victoria Blake (podcast). Alethea Kontis interviews Steven Saus. Dark Wolf’s [...]

March 5, 2010 // 1 Comment

SF Tidbits for 3/4/10

Interviews/Profiles The Agony Column interviews Joe R. Lansdale (podcast). The Abaddon and Solaris Podcast interviews Juliet McKenna. John Scalzi’s The Big Idea: Blake [...]

March 4, 2010 // 2 Comments

TOC: Clarkesworld #42

The contents of free web ‘zine Clarkesworld Magazine #42 have been posted:Fiction “Alone With Gandhari” by Gord Sellar “The History Within Us” [...]

March 3, 2010 // 0 Comments

SF Tidbits for 3/3/10

Interviews/Profiles Color Online interviews Malinda Lo. Jeremy L.C. Jones interviews Kij Johnson. Matthew Cheney interviews James Patrick Kelly & John Kessel. Shawn [...]

March 3, 2010 // 0 Comments

REVIEW: The Osiris Ritual by George Mann

REVIEW SUMMARY: Another satisfying outing for Newbury and Hobbes. MY RATING: BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Newbury and Hobbes take on cases involving bizarre murders, rogue agents and [...]

March 2, 2010 // 1 Comment

SF Tidbits for 3/2/10

Interviews/Profiles Agony Column interviews Dan Simmons (podcast). Book Banter interviews Seth Grahame-Smith (podcast). ActuSF interviews Philip K. Dick (French) and Frederik [...]

March 2, 2010 // 2 Comments

What Price Super-Heroics?

Last week John asked my opinion on the recent highly-publicized Superman/Batman comic book auctions. Comic fans are a chatty lot, and there has already been quite a bit of [...]

March 1, 2010 // 5 Comments

TOC: Steampunk II: Steampunk Reloaded

Mentioned in passing a few days ago, merits more attention. Jeff VanderMeer has posted the table of contents for his and Ann VanderMeer’s upcoming anthology Steampunk [...]

March 1, 2010 // 0 Comments

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