SF Tidbits for 9/27/07

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Pilot Night In America: Wednesday, 09/26/07

Premier week marches on! Today we have only one interesting genre (and real SF) pilot, the oft mentioned Bionic Woman at 9/8C. SF Signal Scott kinda liked what he saw of the pilot and will be watching at least for a few more episodes. I haven’t seen the pilot yet, but I have it from Amazon’s Unbox so I won’t be recording it tonight. I’d be interested in seeing what others think of the show.

Again, if anyone is interested in talking about the show while it is on, or any time after, I’ll embed the chat room below the jump.

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What 5 Sci-Fi Movies Do You Watch Over and Over?

I was going to title this post as “You, a Deserted Island and 5 Sc-Fi Movies…GO!”, but I wanted to bypass the “Is there a DVD player and electricity on the island?” snarkiness. :)

You know what to do here. Name the five sci-fi movies you would most want to have with you if you could only choose 5. These are not necessarily the ones you think of as “the best”, but rather the ones you can (or would like to) watch over and over again….

Here are mine:

  • Aliens
  • Independence Day
  • Star Wars (Episode 4)
  • The Day the Earth Stood Still
  • The Matrix

There were so many others to choose from that I had to leave off this list because I have only seen them once (Serenity) or they were just overflow (Terminator 2, Back to The Future).

Now let’s hear from you!

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SciFi Scanner Post Roundup #3

As previously mentioned, yours truly had a guest-blogging gig at AMC TV’s SciFi Scanner blog. Here’s the final roundup of the posts I did there.

  1. Ender’s Game Not Dead Yet
  2. 7 Sci-Fi Movies For Parents to Share with Their Kids
  3. Mmmmm…Rayguns…
  4. Playthings for the Serious Doctor Who Fan
  5. Bill Pullman’s Theatrical Space Odyssey
  6. The Sci-Fi Blockbuster From Russia
  7. Sci-Fi Scanner Weekly Roundup
  8. Michael Bay Attached to 2012?
  9. Geek T-Shirts
  10. Avatar News
  11. Two Stargate Direct-To-DVD Movies Due
  12. 7 Superior Sci-Fi Sequels

There’s also another one that they are holding off until publishing until November so they can tie it in with a promotion.

See also: SciFi Scanner Post Roundup #1 and SciFi Scanner Post Roundup #2.

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H.G. Wells’ Things to Come

Here’s the video for the 1936 production of Things to Come. H.G. Wells wrote the screenplay (!) which is loosely based on his story, “The Shape of Things to Come“.

[via Drivers and Sundry]

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SF Tidbits for 9/26/07

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Tube Bits For 09/26/07

  • Entertainment Weekly has a spoilery interview with George Takei (Heroes).
  • The Hollywood Reported looks at Monday night’s ratings. Dancing With The Stars and Heroes were the winners, while Chuck and Journeyman both tanked, comparatively. After one night, I’d have to say Journeyman is leading the pack for the deadpool, but the new season is still young, with many candidates still to air.
  • Heroes: Origins has acquired two new writers: Michael O’Dougherty (Superman Returns) and Eli Roth (Hostel!). Roth, especially, is an interesting choice. At least NBC is taking a creative approach to the writers for this spin-off.
  • The Helia Health Blog takes the occasion of the new Bionic Woman to wonder whether, with the aging of America, replacement parts for humans might become science fact. I’d say it’s almost a certainty. The only question is how long will we have to wait? And who will be the first cyborg?
  • NBC will be producing a Masters Of Horror spin-off, called Fear Itself. Supposedly this will be a network friendly show, but how well will a horror show perform on network TV? To me, this is something for cable.

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About Last Night: Heroes Season Premier

So, with the long wait finally over, NBC debuted season 2 of Heroes, to much fan anticipation. But did the writers and producers manage to shake off the disappointing finale and bring the zest back to the show?

(Warning: Spoilers Ahead!)

Well, yes, and no. First, the good parts. I still like Hiro as a character, and I was interested to see his story. That thread was the one I wanted to see the most of, and I think they did a nice job introducing the situation in feudal Japan (but how much does modern day Japanese and English sound like their counterparts from way back when?). Although I do have some reservations about Hiro’s story going forward.

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Tube Bits For 09/25/07

  • On Oct. 21, the Sci Fi Channel series, Taken, will be released on DVD. You can find out more about the set at TakenDVD.com.
  • Monsters And Critics gives us their take on Journeyman. Kevin McKidd good, writing bad. For those who’ve seen the pilot, what did you think?
  • MSN Canada investigates Hiro’s time travel ability and how you could use it to make money. Investing is involved. Me? I’d keep going back and forth and win all the high dollar lotteries. Or find some outrageous parlay bet.
  • The Dodo Blog takes a closer look at the dodos of ITV’s Primeval series. Aren’t they cute? IT’s time to find me some Primeval to watch.
  • Great White Snark tells us the secret formula for a great geek TV show. Put them all together and you have a hit geek show.

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Tuesday YouTube: Han vs. Khan

Starring Harrison Ford and Ricardo Montalban’s chest…

[via Geekend]

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SF Tidbits for 9/25/07

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Pilot Night In America: Monday, 09/24/07

And so the great genre ‘revitalization’ of 2007 begins! Tonight, NBC does it’s part to bring new genre shows to the masses, with two new shows, and one returning. Let’s see what they are offering:

8PM ET – Chuck kicks things off, bringing a lighter hearted look at being a Nerd working for a mass market electronics retailer. Mix in some stolen government secrets and special ops ninjas, and you have Chuck. Certainly something I’ll be checking out, hoping it can be entertaining in a Eureka-type manner. But of course, Chuck is really the lead-in for:

9PM ET – Heroes returns tonight, and I know its not a pilot but still, it’s the first episode of season 2, so consider it a pilot for this season. With many returning cast members and some questions left over from last season, this season has some explaining to do and, in my mind, needs to kick it up a notch to redeem itself from the let down of the season 1 finale. Can NBC keep the fire going this season? We’ll see. At least it isn’t Flash Gordon bad.

10PM ET – Journeyman follows Heroes in an attempt by NBC to get viewers to stay tuned for another hour. For me, the synopsis just doesn’t sound that interesting, being a Quantum Leap type clone that will focus more on characters than anything else. I’m not sure this one will last too long. Our reviewer Scott seems to agree.

So what will you be watching tonight and will you watch it live or recorded? Count me in the recorded group for Chuck and Heroes.

And because we here at SF Signal love our readers, we’ve created a chat room for everyone to join to discuss the new shows as you watch them! I know, exciting. You can find the room below. I’m not sure when I’ll be joining, probably sometime after 9pm CT, for kid based reasons. You’ll need to leave the browser set on this page to keep your chat name, but otherwise, the room is active right now so have fun!

See the expended entry for the chat widget!

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SF Tidbits for 9/24/07

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SciFi Scanner Post Roundup #2

As previously mentioned, yours truly is currently guest-blogging at AMC TV’s SciFi Scanner blog. Here’s another roundup of the posts I did there.

  1. Upcoming Sci-Fi DVDs to Get Excited About
  2. I So Want an i-SOBOT
  3. Monsters and Aliens Moved Up
  4. H.G. Wells Takes Manhattan
  5. Omega Returns with Jonathan Lethem
  6. Lucas Loosens Up
  7. What to Watch If a Meteor is Headed for Earth
  8. Justice League of America Finally Coming to the Big Screen
  9. Sci-Fi’s Law of Jude
  10. Siskel and Ebert and Roeper, Oh My!
  11. Alien Coffee Table
  12. Caves Found on Mars
  13. Lightsaber Game Comes to the Nintendo Wii

See also: SciFi Scanner Post Roundup #1.

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POLL RESULTS: Is The Tron Remake a Good Idea?

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Is a remake of Tron a good idea?


(111 total votes)

Comments this week:

“I don’t think Tron needs a remake. The original was great. That being said, if this was to be some sort of follow-up/sequel/whatever, I’d be pretty nervous about modern Hollywood screwing it up. And yet, you never know until it hits the screen.” – bloginhood

“The only thing going for the original were the special fx: the story was lame, the acting lame and really, the fx were lame as well. Might as well remake Buck Rodgers while we’re at it….” – platyjoe

“On the one hand, Tron is a classic piece of science fiction history. On the other hand, when I watched it as an adult, it seemed more like a bizarre piece of German expressionist filmmaking. So I’m not as against a remake as I would have first thought. Maybe it’ll take the science fiction out of the German expressionist and give us a really cool sci-fi movie. It depends on who writes it and how much they care about it. And if it does well enough, maybe we’ll get a sequel (the Tron 2.0 video game was stellar).” – Pete Tz.

“I forget…how was the first one any good?” – joshua corning

“Good or bad idea? I don’t know, but I’d prefer if the producers and directors have new ideas.” – Carles

Be sure to visit our front page and vote in this week’s poll on your favorit David Cronenberg film!

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Tube Bits For 09/23/07

  • Entertainment Weekly online has a lot of SF stuff this weekend. First up, a cover story on Battlestar Galactica. Aimed at the non-viewer, there are some interesting nuggets of info inside. Like blaming the ‘poor’ ratings for Galactica on the fact that it is science fiction. Apparently, Grace Park can’t even get her agent to watch the show. Good grief.
  • Migel Ferrer has some interesting things to say about the upcoming Bionic Woman show. Such as saying Bionic Woman will be one of the best SF TV shows ever made. Well, maybe. But having to re-tool the show midstream doesn’t bode well for that assessment.
  • Entertainment Weekly again, this time giving us the Top 10 Star Trek: The Next Generation Episodes. I’m shocked they actually picked the best episode of TNG, I figured it would have been to science fictiony for them.
  • I promise, this is the last mention of EW. They have season previews, with spoilers, for Heroes and Battlestar Galactica: Razor.
  • TVBigShot is a fantasy TV game site where you can buy and sell TV shows in an attempt to win acquire money than anyone else. There’s also $100,000 on the line if you can prove you are the best.

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Arthur C. Clarke’s Google Lunar X PRIZE Message

Here’s Arthur C. Clarke on Google’s Luna X PRIZE. “One small step for Google” indeed.

Notice the library shelf behind him. That’s, what, like 80 copies of his various 2001 books and sequels? I’d call him egotistical but he’s got fewer than I do. (I kid! Or do I….?)

[via Mundane-SF, who puts their own spin on it]

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SF Tidbits for 9/22/07

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Friday YouTube Bonus Edition: Yatta!

In today’s Tube Bits, there is a story about how Masi Oka, via his character Hiro, introduced the Japanese word ‘Yatta’ to American TV viewers. He uses the phrase a lot in Heroes, but the iconic image is of Hiro, with arms raised and outstretched, in Times Square. Below is a short clip of this scene:

Well, awhile back my brother had sent me a music video link to a Japanese group whose song is ‘Yatta’. I found the link again on YouTube, and I thought I’d give you a look at how the Japanese use the word in pop culture. Warning: Those of you with easily upset stomachs or weak constitutions may not want to view the clip. It’s disturbing in a uniquely Japanese way..

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[via TV Squad]

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