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Tube Bits for 04/11/2008

In case any of you were waiting, both Witchblade and Birds of Prey are about to be released on DVD. I never really got into Witchblade, partly because Yancy Butler just kind [Read more]

April 11, 2008 // 2 Comments

SF Tidbits for 4/11/08

At SciFi Wire, John Joseph Adams profiles Ann Aguirre, author of Grimspace. Matt Ruff shows us some cool custom cover art for some of his books. This week’s free Tor [Read more]

April 11, 2008 // 0 Comments

SF Tidbits for 4/10/08

Kevin Maher at SciFi Scanner’s SciFi Dept tells us about Sequels We’ll Never See. (Like Reanimator 4!) Speaking of Reanimator, the latest Sci-Fi Talk podcast [Read more]

April 10, 2008 // 0 Comments

INTERVIEW: Dr. Michio Kaku

Michio Kaku, commonly referred to as a “popularizer of science”, is the Henry Semat Professor of Theoretical Physics at the Graduate Center of the City University [Read more]

April 9, 2008 // 16 Comments

Tube Bits for 04/09/2008

The Comics TV blog watches Serenity and Babylon 5: The Lost Tales. He wonders about the ‘certain death’ sequence in Serenity where, (SPOILERS!) aside from one [Read more]

April 9, 2008 // 4 Comments

SF Tidbits for 4/9/08

At B&N Review, Paul DiFilippo looks at the history of space opera through four novels: Space Vulture by Gary K. Wolf and John J. Myers, Pebble in the Sky by Isaac [Read more]

April 9, 2008 // 2 Comments

Sands of Oblivion Contest Winners!

The Sands Of Oblivion Giveaway contest is finally over! The winners are: Maria Stahl, New Albin Chuck Graham, Madison Jeffrey Shumway, Dayton Philip Chute Larry Ketchersid, [Read more]

April 8, 2008 // 4 Comments

SF Tidbits for 4/8/08

Interviews: Adventures in Scifi Publishing talks with Robert Buettner, author of Orphan’s Journey. Physicality of Words interviews Peter Watts (Blindsight). The Book [Read more]

April 8, 2008 // 0 Comments

REVIEW: Matter by Iain Banks

REVIEW SUMMARY: Banks has written another very good book set in his Culture universe. MY RATING: BRIEF SYNOPSIS: See JP’s excellent review for a synopsis. MY REVIEW: [Read more]

April 7, 2008 // 11 Comments

Tube Bits for 04/07/2008

The Stargate juggernaut keeps on moving. Not content with a feature film, two TV series and two direct-to-DVD movies, now we are getting 26 animated episodes in the 4 DVD set [Read more]

April 7, 2008 // 4 Comments

TOC: The Best of Michael Swanwick

Even if it weren’t tempting to post the contents of the upcoming collection The Best of Michael Swanwick from Subterranean Press, this way-cool cover for the book by [Read more]

April 6, 2008 // 3 Comments

Number 5 Is Alive Again?

Continuing the string of ‘bad idea‘ movies, Sci Fi wire tells us that Dimension Films has acquired the remake rights to Short Circuit. Um, what? Is there really a [Read more]

April 6, 2008 // 3 Comments

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