Robert A. Heinlein Award Recipients Named

Greg Bear and Jack Williamson have been named recipients of this year’s Robert A. Heinlein Award for outstanding published work in hard science fiction or technical writings inspiring the human exploration of space. The Science Fiction Writers of America has the details.

[via Locus Online]

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SF Tidbits for 7/7/06

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The Top 50 Personal Blogs in SF/F

John Scalzi has been trolling technorati and came up with version 1.0 of the list of The Top 50 Personal Blogs in SF/F. Of course, all the caveats apply: constantly mobile rankings, traffic versus popularity, etc. Scalzi nicely calls them all out. Check out the comments section as well for some other worthwhile blogs.

Also of note, SF Signal (and other fine blogs) was excluded from the list. But – if we had to toot our own horn – SF Signal would rank at #14! (With the ranking that I just pulled now, hours after Scalzi grabbed his.)

Toot-Toot! :) Thanks for reading/linking folks!

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The Ark, A New Animated CGI Short

The Ark is a new, animated CGI short that should be released in the next few months. It’s the story of mankind running from a deadly virus, and doing so on giant oil tankers. Some of the shots in the Gallery are stunning. The entire film has a very distinctive look and now I’d like to see it. Actually finding it may be a problem as I don’t know where you can actually see short films here in Houston. There are several Oscar nominated films from last year I’d like to see, but I have no clue how to find them. Note to film makers, we at SFSignal would love to review your films! (hint hint).

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SF Tidbits for 7/6/06

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Cory Doctorow offers commentary at Locus Online called Science Fiction is the Only Literature People Care Enough About to Steal on the Internet in which he talks about technology, art and authors’ relationships with readers. Here’s an excerpt:

And for SF writers and fans, the further question is, “Will it be any good to our chosen medium?” Like I said, science fiction is the only literature people care enough about to steal on the Internet. It’s the only literature that regularly shows up, scanned and run through optical character recognition software and lovingly hand-edited on darknet newsgroups, Russian websites, IRC channels and elsewhere.

I’ve discovered what many authors have also discovered: releasing electronic texts of books drives sales of the print editions. An SF writer’s biggest problem is obscurity, not piracy. Of all the people who chose not to spend their discretionary time and cash on our works today, the great bulk of them did so because they didn’t know they existed, not because someone handed them a free e-book version.

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Those Aren’t Pillows!, Or Make Your Own Star Wars Puppets

From the department of people who have a little too much time on their hands (literally), I give you the Do It Yourself Chewbacca and Darth Maul puppets. Is it wrong to think that Chewie looks scarier than Darth Maul?

It would have been even cooler if Darth Maul had his two-handed lightsaber, which could be controlled by the other hand. Wouldn’t it?

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REMINDER: There’s Still Time to Win a Free Book!

Hey! There’s still time to enter our giveaway contest where you can win a free book.

Deadline is only a few days away, so hurry on over.

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Science fiction and fantasy author Alan Dean Foster began his prolific writing career when August Derleth bought a long Lovecraftian letter of Foster’s in 1968 and published it as a short story in Derleth’s bi-annual magazine The Arkham Collector. His first novel, 1972’s The Tar-Aiym Krang, began his long-running series of novels of the HUMANX COMMONWEALTH, many books of which feature the much-loved characters of Flinx and his mini-dragon Pip. He is also known for the SPELLSINGER fantasy series and a host of novelizations. His latest novel, The Candle of Distant Earth (Del Rey) is the third book in his TAKEN trilogy. The gang at SF Signal had the opportunity to talk with him about his writing and travels…

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SF Tidbits for 7/5/06

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MSN’s Top 10 Superhero Films

MSN’s Top 10 Superhero Films

  1. The Rocketeer (1991)
  2. Spy Kids (2001)
  3. Hellboy (2004)
  4. Inframan (1976)
  5. Darkman (1990)
  6. Superman II (1980)
  7. The Incredibles (2004)
  8. Spider-Man (2002)
  9. Batman Returns (1992)
  10. X-Men (2000)

[via The Movie Blog]

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REVIEW SUMMARY: More of an enjoyable warning than it is story.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Man meets aliens; man shoots aliens.


PROS: Well-thought-out aliens; well-crafted prose; interesting premise.

CONS: Flat characters; minor story offshoots don’t lend much to the main thread.

BOTTOM LINE: A thoughtful and look at first contact.

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SF Tidbits for 7/3/06

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POLL RESULTS: Favorite Futurama Character

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Who is your favorite character on Futurama?


(51 total votes)

Be sure to vote in this week’s poll on Rating the Spiderman 3 Trailer!

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Now Serving Recent Comment Feeds

With the recent host move, our Recent Comment feeds started working. Links to the feeds are on the main page’s left sidebar in the News Feeds widget.

If you get the same thrill I do when people stop by to contribute or slam my Blade Runner review, then you can either subscribe via Yahoo or subscribe via Bloglines.

If your not already signed up for the entry feeds, you can do that, too, via Yahoo, Bloglines or FeedBurner.

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“Come Out, Wonka!”

According to Hollywood North Report, Johnny Depp has been cast in the still-impending re-re-adaptation of Richard Matheson’s wonderful book I Am Legend. Previous reports had Wil Smith’s name attached to the project in the role previously played by Vincent Price (The Last Man on Earth) and Charlton “They’re Made of People! Heston (The Omega Man).

I’m guessing this news means that we’re closer to seeing the finished product. As always, it will be interesting to see how well they adhere to the story and the ways in which they differ. Maybe the vampiric cry of “Come Out, Neville!” gets an update?

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We’re Back…From Spaaaace!

If you are seeing this then the transfer to the new web host went OK.

We now return to our regularly scheduled program…

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Don’t Go Away…We’ll Be Right Back…In Spaaaace! (Reprise)

SF Signal will be doing a yet-another-round of renovating over the next couple of days…we’re changing web hosts again. (Don’t get us started.) While this is happening, the blog will be closed for comments and no new posts will appear. [Insert sound of crowd gasping in panic as it learns to deal with its newfound independence.]

Have a great weekend, but check back with us soon! Or else.

In the meantime, don’t forget to enter our Giveaway Contest! Be sure to use the new submission email address.

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SF Tidbits for 7/1/06

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This is the June 2006 update of my New Year’s Resolution to (almost) read a short story a day.


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