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Cast your vote for the Hugos

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1 Comment on Cast your vote for the Hugos

  1. Bones of the Earth – eh. Nothing special really.

    The Scar – Really good, but not quite as good as Perdido Street Station.

    The Years of Rice and Salt – Great world building, overburdened with preachiness. Had to force myself to finish.

    The Best Dramatic Presenstation, Short Form is a sad commentary on the state of SF in television.

    Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form is a much better list. Although, since I though the Hugos were for SF, I’m not sure what Potter or Spirited Away is doing there. Having said that, I think Spirited Away kicks Spider Man’s @$$. Minority Report is good as well. I’d probably vote like this: SA, LotR/MR (tie), HPatCS, NoAward, SM.

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