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SciFi Pictures – Encrypt

Encrypt, from the SciFi Channel, is on tomorrow night. Parts of this sound interesting, although the whole ecological disaster motif annoys me, but I guess they needed something to replace the nuclear holocost as the catalyst for a post-apocalyptic movie. Anyway, its sounds intriguing, but this is from the same people who brought is that horrible abomination that is Riverwrold. Still, I may catch the second airing, unless someone would kindly Tivo it…

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4 Comments on SciFi Pictures – Encrypt

  1. I’ll Tivo it it for you…but I make no promises. I’ve never used the record-to-VCR feature so I’m not sure if it’s hooked up correctly.

  2. You’re a highly trained engineer, it should be no problem…

    BTW, where are the other losers who can post to this blog? Hiding?

  3. Yes. I am a highly trained Engineer. But there are, like, a lot of wires behind my TV.

  4. All I can say is, ehhhh. It was a pseudo-interesting show, but evidently quite forgettable since I can’t remember much about the ending. Maybe I’d dozed off by then. Missing the show won’t be a great loss.

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