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Thoughts on the GameCube

We bought Aaron a GameCube for his birthday, an early birthday present. We also bought a few games for him, a couple of which are interesting in a SF way.

Pikmin is a really cool RTS/Puzzle game. Its RTS in that you have a certain amount of time per day to solve puzzles, and you have to use (and grow) the Pikmin to help you. The puzzles involve removing monsters and physical obstacles that are keeping you from the parts to your spaceship. Its actually turned out to be really fun, and I don’t typically like RTS games. It reminds me a lot of Myth.

Secondly, we have Metroid Prime. Wow. This game looks great. The levels themselves are outstanding, the music is great and the whole game has incredibly high production values. Its an amazing game, even if you can’t strafe or easily shoot up/down. To compensate, they have a manual lock-on feature which comes in handy. This game is huge. I’ve barely started and I’ve already spent close to 4 hours playing just the first 2 levels.

Now, the really cool thing about these two games can be summed up in two words: progressive scan. Yup, you can configure them to output a progressive scan signal and hook ’em up to a PS tv and, bam!, its kicked up a notch to include, on some TVs, a 16:9 aspect ratio. Wow. Wish I had a PS, HDTV to hook it up too….

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  1. Nice touch on the last link, though I think you meant to link the word BAM!

  2. This internet thing confuses me.

  3. Yeah, but it’s big. Real big. When this whole Internet thing catches on, watch out.

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