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Battlestar Galactica

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve no doubt heard that the SciFi Channel is remaking Battlestar Galactica as a mini-series/pilot this December. They will be re-imagining the series, rather than starting from where the original series ended. Among the changes: the cylons are now humanoid looking and Starbuck is a woman. Needless to say, many fans are unhappy.

I watched the original every week when it first aired. I was a big fan. I loved the show. I thought it was the best thing on TV. Then again, I was 12. I didn’t know any better. I’ve since watched some of BG again and I have to say, it really wasn’t that good. I guess maturity has a way of opening your eyes to the failings of things. BG just doesn’t measure up. Its campy, the plots are silly (mostly) and it tries for cute with robot dogs. Geez. The only thing wors is Buck Rogers. Another show I watched religiously.

I have to say, the reactions many fans have lead me to believe these people need Evil Cmdr. Adama to come out and deliver the ‘Get a Life’ speech. “It’s a travesty”, Shawn O’Donnell says in the article. Really. I guess he’s seen the finished product and can render judgement. Get a life Shawn.

There’s a reason why BG didn’t last longer than one season. It wasn’t that good, it cost a lot to make per episode and, the big reason, ratings didn’t follow. Why in the world would SciFi want to re-do the series as it was? In case you hadn’t noticed, SciFi is trying to reach a more mainstream audience and the original BG didn’t do that. They are trying to keep the essence of the original while trying to make it more interesting to the casual viewer. While this may anger BG devotee, that demographic isn’t enough to keep the new BG a viable series. It needs new fans.

So, I say more power to SciFi. Hopefully, the new BG will be a good TV show in its own right and will last for awhile. Although, with the quality of original SciFi movies (the execrable Riverworld) lately, I don’t have my hopes too high. But at least they are trying. That’s better than wanting a remake and not getting it, right?

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  1. Was Galactica 1980 a spinoff, or a renaming?

  2. 1980 was an ill-advised continuation. I don’t remember why they didn’t use the original cast, but they didn’t. 1980 is almost universally regarded as an abomination that is best forgotten. It’s not even considered canon from what I’ve read. Even the people who object to the new BG mini-series still hate 1980. And let me be clear here: ‘BG 1980 sucks dingo’s kidneys. It’s really bad.’


  3. Yeah, yeah…Tell us how you really feel.

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